Dancin’ queen


Tiagpointe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angel steps back from Sean, her hands cupping his face.  “Let me look at you!  Still the handsomest devil to set foot in this old dance hall, aren’t ya?”

Sean laughs and bends down to kiss the cheek of the older woman.  Angel is not a small woman, a bottle blonde, wearing a rust-colored suede skirt and vest, cream-colored low-cut blouse and hand-tooled cowboy boots.  She looks like she lives in a country dance hall.  “So sweetie, are ya home for the winter now?  We sure did miss ya around here all summer.”

“Yeah, we just got back last Sunday.”  Sean winks at Angel.  “Missed you too, gorgeous!”

Angel swats him.  “You’re definitely a sweet talker.”  Angel smiles at Becky.  “So, handsome, are you gonna use the manners I know your mama raised you with and introduce me to this cute little girl?”

Angel silently screams for joy as she watches her favorite young man sharing a look with the little blonde.  Sean gently touches Becky’s hand.  “Angel, this is Becky.  She’s new in town and one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen.  And Becky, this is Angel.  She owns this place and keeps us all in line…ha, get it?  In line!!”

Angel laughs, “Honey, it’s a good thing you don’t have to rely on your comedic talent to earn a living.”

Sean falls back in his chair, hand over his heart, “Ouch…”

Angel offers her hand to Becky and says, “Nice to meet you, Becky.”  In a stage whisper, she says,  “This one here is pretty special.  I try not to say that in front of him too much, don’t want him thinkin’ he’s God’s gift or anything.”

Becky shakes Angel’s hand, responding shyly, “I’m pleased to meet you too, ma’am.  I love your dance floor, it’s really nice.”

“Well, thank ya, hon.  I hope we’ll see you around here a lot.  Now, I gotta get back to the business of runnin’ my business.”  She points at Sean.  “Make sure the two of ya aren’t strangers around here this winter.”

Sean rises from his chair and hugs Angel again.  She whispers, “Hon, I think this little gal is a keeper.  You be good to her.”

Sean whispers back, “Oh, I intend to.”

Angel steps back, waves at the young couple and sashays across the dance floor, greeting her other customers, a smile on her face as she thinks about the two kids she just left.  After watching the girls throw themselves at Sean over the years, she has a good feeling about that little Becky.  She seems to be a different kind of girl.  Maybe, just maybe, the girl who can bring Sean some peace and contentment.


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