Mom’s day


jkklglh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!!  I hope it was a day filled with family and friends…the kids cooking for you (or at least you not having to cook for everyone)…A day free from chores (do we ever really have one of those?), with some time to relax and enjoy what you’ve accomplished with your family.

A mom is one of the greatest gifts a kid ever receives.  If your kids are still little, they may not realize that yet, but hold on…they will.  Just know that everything you do for them makes a difference…you’re raising responsible, caring individuals…is there anything more important than that? And if your kids are grown…ahh…know that you did your best, the rest is up to them.

Really, taking only one day a year to celebrate motherhood isn’t nearly enough…but moms understand…they love us all anyway, and don’t really expect a lot in return.  This is my simple way of saying thanks to all the moms out there and especially my mom…miss you every day, Mom!

Dancin’ in the dark

EKKO's dance floor, Utrecht (city), NL Nederla...

EKKO’s dance floor, Utrecht (city), NL Nederlands: Dansvloer van EKKO in Utrecht (NL). De dj van 030303 staat voor het podium met t-shirt met smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not too long after Becky’s friends leave, Kenny stops by the table.  “Becky, this is Kenny, he’s one of those crazy guys I live with.”

Kenny winks at Becky, “Now don’t be believin’ everything he tells ya about me, Becky.  He’s been known to spin a tale or two.”

Becky nods, “Well, that’s good to know…I think.”

Sean laughs, his hands in the air.  “Wait a minute, now.” He points toward Kenny.  “There are quite a few tales to tell about you, man.  And I’m not goin’ there.  We’re just over here mindin’ our own business.”

Kenny cuffs Sean on the shoulder.  “I’m just kiddin’ around, Becky.  Sean’s alright…most of the time…”

Sean rolls his eyes.  “Becky, I’m so sorry…Kenny’s quite the…uh…jokester.”

Becky laughs softly.  “It’s okay.  You guys are funny.  It’s nice that you’re such good friends.”

Kenny raises his eyebrows and backs away.  “Well, on that note, I’ve gotta get outta here.  You kids have fun…don’t stay out past your curfew.”  Kenny walks away laughing.

Shaking his head, Sean says, “He’s crazy.”

“No…that’s…you guys are…you’re good friends…that’s just nice to see.”

The band begins playing “Stray Cat Strut”.  Sean sits up straight, a big grin on his face.  Pointing back and forth between them, he says, “You want to hit the floor?  Have you danced the line dance to this one?”

“Well, no…I don’t know…I mean, yes, I want to dance, just not sure which dance you’re talking about.  But I learn pretty fast, whatever dance it is.”

They join the group in the center of the floor.  There’s a lot of laughing as the young folks dance their stray cat strut line dance.  True to her word, Becky picks it up quickly, mastering the intricate steps and spins.  When the music ends, both Sean and Becky are flushed and out of breath.  They sit back down at their table, the fun of the dance still surrounding them.

“Whew!  You really can dance, Becky.  Have you taken lessons or danced professionally?”

“Oh my goodness, no…I just love to dance. I was on the dance team in high school, but that’s it.  Well, I take that back.  I took ballet lessons when I was younger, much younger.  Then it just got to the place where Momma couldn’t afford it, so I started just learning country dancing at home.”

“Well, you’re really, really good.  Seriously.”

“Well, thanks.  You’re pretty good yourself.  Have you taken lessons or anything?”

Sean shakes his head, looking at her with a question in his eyes,  “No, no lessons or anything for me.  Just a lot of…uh…practice over the years.”

“So, do you go out to the clubs every weekend?”

“Uh…well, not every weekend.  I’m not in town every weekend…with work and all…and I don’t usually go out to the clubs when I’m on the road, just too much other stuff to think about and do for work.”

“So you have to travel a lot for work?”

Sean laughs, “Oh yeah…you could say that.  Seems like I’ve spent most of my life on the road.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Sean sees someone stop at their table.  When he sees who is standing there, a huge smile crosses his face.  “Angel.”  Sean jumps out of his chair to hug the woman who wraps her arms around him.