Live below the line, day 3


Poverty (Photo credit: carlaarena)

This is not getting any easier!  I had to work a mid-shift today (10:30-7…blah), ate breakfast before I went in, had a meeting to prepare for and then the actual meeting itself, so didn’t really eat lunch.  Had dinner at 5.  So it was kind of an odd eating day for me.  I haven’t figured up my total cost of food for the day yet, but I can’t imagine that I went over…we’ll see…


2 slices toast  .10, 1 T peanut butter  .06, 6-oz oj  .14,  milk  .15  (sound familiar?  this is actually what I eat just about every morning)

Total for breakfast was 45 cents


crackers  .14, hot tea  .04

Total for snack was 18 cents


1 chicken tender  .30, 1 slice bread .05, radishes  free (from my garden),  celery  .08, hot tea  .04, frozen fruit  .42

Dinner’s total was .89

So that makes the total for the day $1.52

There are a lot of folks participating in this challenge.  I’ve been reading some of their blogs this week.  I think we’re all getting a glimpse into the lives of people who live in extreme poverty.  Enough of a glimpse to feel a lot of compassion, I’m sure.  But I can’t help but  think that there’s an end in sight for us whereas, for many of these people, there isn’t. I feel for people who live their lives without a lot of hope, without the belief that it can ever be different for them.  I hope everyone will donate to their local food banks, donate to worldwide poverty relief organizations, help the neighbor or family member who has fallen on tough times…but what I would really like to see is our politicians join forces to make this better.  Do I have a lot of hope that this will happen?  Not unless enough of us demand it.

3 Responses

  1. Looks better today. Good job. Is every cell in your body screaming for sugary and salty snacks yet? I get so tired of hearing about how poor people just drink soda and eat chips. First, the ones I know don’t any more than the rich people. Second, like poor people shouldn’t be allowed the extreme luxury of snacks?

    • Had some decent fruits and veggies today, even a small piece of chicken..I agree about annoying it is for people to just bad-mouth poor people….like you said, they should be able to eat the same tasty, not so good for us, snacks as the rest of us!! One of the things I always do when I’m putting together donations for the food bank is put in a few cake mixes and packages of Jello pudding mix…I figure everyone deserves a little sweetness in their lives!

      As far as my body craving the salty, sugary stuff…not the salty so much, but I sure could go for some chocolate right about now!!

  2. i agree that donated foods should include a little candy or something besides daily staples. We all enjoy that.

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