Peaceful gardening day

A scanned red tomato, along with leaves and fl...

A scanned red tomato, along with leaves and flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did manage to get outside and plant a few things today.  I planted the tomato and pepper plants I bought Friday.  So far, I’ve only planted a Patio Tomato and a Rutgers tomato plant, then 1 Cubanelle pepper plant.  I’ve planted the Cubanelles the past few years and had really good luck with them, very productive plants.  So we’ll see how this year goes.

I did pull some nice looking radishes today.  And I’m looking forward to having some lettuce in another couple of weeks.  Salad outside my back door!!  Yes!

I still need to buy either a grape or cherry tomato plant (funny how they named them, isn’t it?).  I usually grow one or two grape tomato plants and they  produce right up until that first heavy frost.  Have you noticed that tomatoes and corn taste best when you grow them yourself?  Or at least when you manage to eat them right after someone has harvested them.  I don’t really have the room to grow my own corn so I buy mine from a local farmer at the farmer’s market…still pretty darn good.

On another note, (but still food related) I’m starting this 5-day Live Below The Line challenge tomorrow.  It’s a project to bring awareness about extreme poverty…we have to spend less than $1.50 a day for food and drink, which is what a lot of people have to do day in and day out.  Wow!  And to think I bought a $1.49 bottle of tea the other day.  I’ve got my meals planned out, but it definitely won’t be easy.  I’ll keep you posted about how it goes…

6 Responses

  1. At $1.50 a day, that garden will come in handy very soon! It is hard to imagine that people survive on so little. Keep us posted as to how that goes.

  2. I’m only doing the $1.50 a day thing for 5 days…but it certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?

  3. I’m thinking about next weekend checking out some container gardening things. I want more veggies!

    • Container gardening is really handy and easy…just got to keep everything watered…and in august that might mean watering twice a day…but it’s worth it!

  4. Thanks so much for the reference to my post! I wish you luck on the $1.50 a day. That is going to be hard.

    • You’re quite welcome…I haven’t actually sat down and figured out whether or not I managed to stick to the $1.50 today…I think I managed it, but we’ll see.

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