Trying to hold depression at bay

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve battled depression.  And I’m trying to avoid that pit now.  We’ve had a lot of changes at work…and change is always difficult for just about everyone…I do understand that it takes time to acclimate, to settle into new routines…I’m aware of all of this, but I still find myself not being happy at work.  And that’s pretty sad because I’ve always loved my job and all of the people (okay, most of the people) that I work with.  I’m giving myself time to get used to all of the changes and see if I can adapt.  I don’t want to give up a job that I’ve always enjoyed just because I didn’t allow myself sufficient time to come to terms with the changes that have been instituted.

But I find myself on the verge of tears just about every day…and that’s just not me.  I like to kid around, have a good time while working hard.  I’ve always been loyal to the company and thankful that I had a job doing interesting things, different things, every day.  Hopefully I can get past this and get back to my cheerful, fun-loving self soon…

I guess the question I may eventually have to ask myself is, “Is this enough for me?”  If I can’t find my way to happiness with this new set-up, do I continue working there so I can draw a paycheck while devoting more time to my writing?  Or do I dare to do something altogether different?  Life is very rarely static, is it?

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