My lifelong love affair…

…with soap…seriously.  I’ve always loved different and unique soap.  And nowadays there are so many different handcrafted soaps out there that you could use a different soap every day.

A year or so ago, a customer brought in a bar of her green tea soap for me…all I had done was give her a call when we got this big, huge, gigantic tub of soap making stuff in…and she was so appreciative that she  wanted me to try her soap.  She raises the herbs that she uses in her products…which, as someone who used to have a good-sized herb garden, I think is pretty cool.

Then last week I won a giveaway (have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy giveaways?) for a bar of handcrafted, organic soap…it came today…haven’t used it yet, but it smells delish… out what they have to offer if you have the time…








unique soap










I’ll be trying this tomorrow night…it smells so good…invigorating…

So do you use soap or body wash?



6 Responses

  1. Am totally a soap & washcloth guy…body wash is a California conspiracy…traditionalist here

  2. I’ve had too many “itchy” reactions to soap–make mine body wash, please. 🙂

    • what’s your favorite body wash, Patti? I love Amazing Grace by Philosophy…

      • I’ve been using Olay Age Defying body wash for quite some time. I recently bought a sea salt scrub after trying it on my hands somewhere.

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