And finally…

…here it is…the unveiling…

Kindle touch

Yes Patti, you guessed it…altho I wonder if you saw it on facebook first????   Anyhow, really easy to set up…really easy to download the books…maybe too easy?  But I’ve had several friends tell me about the free books available at Amazon as well as other places, so I think that’s going to be a good thing.   I must admit, I put it off for quite some time simply because I kept thinking I wouldn’t want to move away from books with pages made out of real paper.  But I’ve kind of changed my mind…simply because my book collection is now too large..I need an actual library to house them all.  I think I can avoid adding to the stacks by reading the books on my Kindle.  What about you?  Do you have a Kindle (or other eReader)?

8 Responses

  1. I was like you, I was sure I didn’t want an e-reader because I love my paper books. But my brother bought one before he left for Iraq last year, because let’s face it, how else could he take 3,000 books to the desert? He brought it over and let me look at it and I fell in love. It was so easy to use! And there are so many free books! And, it’s easier to carry in my purse than a hardback book. But, it hasn’t really stopped me from adding to my book collection. lol

    • uh oh…so you’re saying I’ll still be buying paper books too?? Great!! Actually I was just thinking that this morning…I have some favorite authors, just may continue to buy their books…we’ll see…

  2. No, I hadn’t heard. Kept checking back on the original post to see if you let the cat out of the bag! lol When I saw the Amazon box, I remembered you had mentioned the desire to get a Kindle awhile back. Enjoy!

  3. I have the Kindle keyboard. I love it! I do still like my physical books too, but like you I just can’t keep adding because I don’t have room! There are so many free books, a couple of sites that keep track of some of them are on facebook – Pixel of Ink and Free Books for Kindle!

  4. Very nice, Patti. Love free books. There is so much out there right now.

    • I know, I’m checking out Amazon every day…seems like I’m getting free books every day…reading a good one now…I think I’m really going to like this Kindle reading thing!!

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