Best smoothie ever

That’s what I had for dinner last night…oh my word, it was delish…and, of course, very easy to whip up (seriously, did you think I was going to spend a lot of time making a smoothie??)

I bought a bag of frozen fruit (it had peaches, mango, strawberries, and cantaloupe in it).  Filled the blender cup about halfway with that, then added a little frozen banana, some skim milk and a little International Delights Italian Sweet Cream liquid creamer…put on the blender, pulse, pulse, pulse…turn on high…oops, have to add more milk…did that, finished the blending process…took it off, put straw in and took a sip…yum!!!  Better than ice cream and I love ice cream!

Sounds like this could be my summer go-to dinner.

a different smoothie...but you get the picture...


6 Responses

  1. That’s my idea of dinner! Easy, and tasty. 🙂 Did you get your new…? Will you be letting us know when you do?

  2. Um…that don’t sound good to me, Patti. Think I’ll have some of the venison jerky I got drying in my smoker. Hey, yeah what’s the surprise?

  3. Make a beer smoothie for me please!

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