Spooky needs a kitten

Spook always finds her spot of sunshine

Aww man, I shouldn’t get another cat, but I’m seeing all of these little kittens all over the place (yeah, thanks for that, Simone) and you know how cute and sweet little kittens are.  Then I try to tell myself it would be for Spook, because…well…she’s never been around another cat that actually liked her and wanted to play with her…and wouldn’t she just love a little play mate?

Of course, then I tell myself it costs twice as much to feed and care for two cats.  And if I have to travel for work for any length of time, then I have to take two cats with me…I just don’t know.  I don’t think Spook is lonely or anything…how can a creature who sleeps 23 hours out of every day be lonely?  But wouldn’t she just love a kitten??

Decisions, decisions…I guess I’ll just let this percolate for a while…don’t want to make any rash decisions on something like this.  I mean, when we adopt a pet, it’s permanent…it’s not like I’ll just keep them for a while and give them back…

What do you think?  Does Spook need a kitten?


6 Responses

  1. I’m the same way, pets are a lifelong commitment. Family. Hmm I think Spook has you fooled into thinking she sleeps that many hours…don’t tell me she learned how to open doors and explore in only an hour. 🙂

    • haha…you’ve got a point there, Patti…she’s smart…wickedly smart…I keep thinking it’d be interesting to get a nanny cam to see exactly what she does while I’m at work…

  2. I had to get another cat when Chloe was little. Her behavior was not too wonderful and the vet told me Chloe needed a sibling ASAP! So then I got my Soleil. They are day and night but they get along wonderfully. Chloe instantly started behaving better when our Sunshine came home. 🙂 The vet explained to me that Chloe was viewing me as a playmate instead of her Mama. Once she got a playmate, life was good. I have had them almost 4 years now.

    • Aww…what a sweet story…I think Spooky sees me as her mama…got her when she was too little to climb the stairs…if I sit down, she’s usually right there wanting to be held…but I still think a little kitten would be good for her…just not sure it’s the right thing to do with my job right now…

  3. I don’t knlow whether Spook needs a kitten or not. I do know these infants, mostly their mother, are a lot of work. There’s more to come once they begin running and climbing. How about hamster? Maybe Spooky would like one of those.

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