Medication side effects…worth it or not?

meds or side effect causing agents?

I’ve never been one to take a lot of medications…the usual Advil or Tylenol…antibiotics every once in a great while (like the time I had a cat scratch me and it got infected…really infected…and no, it wasn’t little Spook who scratched me).  And I’ve never really been a person who had very many allergies…I know, lucky!  So imagine my surprise when I started a new med that my doctor prescribed and noticed that my muscles were really weak, that my neck and chest turned all red and splotchy….then I started running a fever and my arms and stomach started getting red and splotchy too.  Yikes!’

When I called the doctor’s office, whoever answered the phone took the info and said she’d get back to me.  And she did, fairly quickly.  She said that the doctor said to stop taking the med (really?  that I’d already figured out on my own), to take some Benadryl every 6 hours and to come in on Monday as long as the symptoms didn’t get any worse.

So, okay…I can go buy some Benadryl, no problem…but when I got home, I noticed that the redness had spread down to my legs…and the doctor’s office was closed.  So let me call the pharmacist…she said I would probably be okay by taking the Benadryl…as long as I didn’t notice any kind of swelling in my throat, difficulty swallowing or breathing.  If that happened, her advice to me was to get to the emergency room…yikes!

Now the thing is, I live alone..unless you count Spooky and I’m thinking she wouldn’t be a lot of help in a medical emergency (altho she did wake me up one night when the smoke detector was going off…another story for another day).  So I kind of had a restless night’s sleep, but didn’t have any swallowing or breathing issues.  When I got up in the morning, the redness and started to recede  so I think everything will be okay…as long as we can figure out what it was that I had the reaction to and avoid it in the future.

Sometimes I seriously question whether or not the side effects from medications are worse than the original issue…

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  1. Pretty scary. I’m kind of like you in that I’d never been sick. You had cat scratch fever? I’ve heard that’s awful.

    But on the side effects, I’ve been dealing with dehabilitating pain for over two years. At first I was taking the pain tablets they prescribed. With the side effects of those, I’d rather just take over the counter and live a rather miserable life in pain. That’s my personal choice.

    • I’m kind of feeling the same way…take the over the counter pain meds which just dull the pain, but at least you don’t get those crazy side effects.

      I don’t know if I actually had cat scratch fever or not…but it was certainly infected…doctor scolded me for not going to the ER (happened over a holiday weekend) and threatened to have me in the hospital hooked up to IV antibiotics…luckily the shot of antibiotics did the trick…

  2. I have to take a few meds and some of the side effects are weird. Some are worth it and other meds I just quit taking because I didn’t feel it was worth it. I hope you are feeling better!

    • Still not feeling great…muscles still weak, the redness has eased up, still feeling itchy and feverish off and on…see the doctor tomorrow…just got to make sure I don’t take whatever was in that med again.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to your meds. It’s scary listening to the ads for them, as they go through the list of “call your doctor ifs.” Hope all is well.

    • Thanks, Patti…going back to the doctor today…still feeling “off”…can’t imagine taking several different meds, possible side effects for all of them…I guess the thing for me to do is work on getting healthier and fitter (hmm…that means losing weight) so I don’t have to worry about it, huh?

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