SAHMs, work outside the home moms

…blah, blah, blah…as women, we ALL work hard…every single day…why in the world do we have to have this manufactured competition about who has it harder in life?  Can we not just accept that we live the life we live and how someone else chooses to live their life has no bearing on our life?

Aren’t there enough difficulties in life without us trying to denigrate others who are simply trying to do their best for themselves and their families?  I really don’t care if so and so chooses to stay at home and raise her kids that way or if this other person chooses to work outside the home while raising her kids…what I do care about is that we all get so defensive about the choices we’ve made…or that we find the need to put down others who don’t choose to live as we live (wow…that could apply in so many other areas of life, couldn’t it?).  Just do what works for you and your family and allow others to do the same.

Come on, we’ve been fighting about this since…well…since forever…let it rest…


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  1. At my last high school reunion I was talking to a lovely friend who is a SAHM to her 3 beautiful children. Another old friend walked up and said hello. She asked me where I was working and when I asked her the same question her response was, I’m just a stay at home mom right now. After she walked away my other friend looked at me and asked, is that the way I should feel about it? I had to assure her than doing what was best for her and her family was nothing to look down at. I wanted to knock the other chick in the head for making my sweet friend feel bad about what she has chosen for her life.

  2. I agree, Patti. We’re all on the same side. It’s not a competition.

  3. Last night I was watching a funny comedian on netflix saying, “It’s always the same bleeping arguments about the same bleep and we never come to any conclusions about any of them!” So true.

    But I think too a fine job is being done this year to attempt to divide up the women voters. Personally, I think we should all band together and burn our bras again.

  4. Sounds good. Let’s come up with a good hashtag on twitter and get this movement rolling.

    • we may ahve to brainstorm on it for a while…if I come up with anything I’ll let you know on twitter…then we’ll both have to do blogs about it…I think we have an awful lot of sisters (not your little sisters that you’re so anxious to get rid of) in this movement!

      • You’re right it might take some time. I might be too radical, but I really like the bra burning thing–I missed the first round & at my age wearing them is only a formality. Yeah, my little sisters would not actually do something. They’re the types to just sit around and belly ache about everything.

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