Instruction manuals…to read or not to read

I kind of go both ways with the reading of instruction manuals…if it’s something fairly mundane, I don’t bother…more complicated things, I’ll look through it until I can get it working or put together…then that’s usually it.  I save them all, but very rarely refer to them.  What’s the point, right?  I’ve got it up and running, what else do I need?

Well…hmm…I may have to change my thinking.  I put a new color ink cartridge into my printer tonight (do you try to milk every last bit of ink from your cartridges?  I most definitely do).  Anyhow, no big deal there.  I’ve done that a million times (okay, not really a million, can you imagine how many pages I could have printed?), so nothing unusual there.  I threw the little paper that was attached to the outside of the cartridge packaging on my desk.  Picked it up later and looked at it (hoping to find a coupon off my next purchase of ink cartridges..yeah, right)…

photo printing info

Wait…what does that say?  Put my memory card directly into my printer to print photos???  I knew I could print photos (it IS a Photosmart printer, after all), had just never felt the need to do so…but had no idea that I could put the memory card directly into my printer…seriously…I’m not kidding!  You’re probably thinking I’m being sarcastic here, but I’m not.   Really, I’m not.

Kind of makes you wonder what I thought these were for, doesn’t it?


2 Responses

  1. Haha. Now you know!

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