Looking at cameras

Photography Course - The Camera: Different kin...

Photography Course - The Camera: Different kinds of digital cameras - Lesson 1 (Photo credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist)

After I got off work today, I went over to Best Buy on the east side of town (whew…won’t even talk about all  of the road construction…crazy) to look at cameras.  Of course I have a little point and shoot digital camera and it does okay…but just okay.  I read several blogs daily and am always blown away by the stunning photography I see.   I’d kind of like to be able to publish those types of fabulous pictures myself.

I looked at a couple of Canon models and a Nikon model, along with several different lenses…nope, I didn’t buy anything..this is a huge decision to make, those DSLRcameras are a tad more expensive than my little point and shoot thing.

So what kind of camera do you use?  Anyone have any recommendations for me?


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  1. It took me forever to make the switch to digital. I did a Google search to learn about them, and found a site that asked questions, I answered what I was looking for in a camera, then it gave a list of cameras that met those requirements. Don’t remember what the site was, I should have saved that! I’m still using my little Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 point and shoot with 12x optical zoom. But I also have been looking at other’s photos and wonder what the next step for me will be.

    • I have a little Fujifilms camera that takes decent pictures, but then I see what other people can do with those “next step” cameras…I’m thinking about it…

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