ASPCA Rachel Ray $100K Challenge

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an animal lover.  And I know that a lot of my friends are animal lovers as well.  I would like to take this opportunity to try to do a little something for the animal shelter in my hometown and would appreciate your help.   There’s a nationwide challenge going on now through April 16.  You can vote once a day for one of the 104 shelters that are in the running for this challenge.

I think it’s very cool that the shelter here in little old Bloomington, IN is in this challenge.  I didn’t get Spooky from the shelter, but have had cats in years gone by who came to me from a local shelter…I really think they understand that you’ve basically saved their lives when you rescue them from a shelter.  If you feel the same way, could you do me (and a bunch of our little furry friends) the favor of clicking on this link…

and then voting for the Bloomington Animal Care & Control…pretty easy to find…last time I voted (earlier today) our shelter was in first place…isn’t that exciting?  And don’t forget, you can go back and vote every day!!  Spooky thanks you on behalf of her furry cousins…

Spooky enjoying the sunshine



5 Responses

  1. I didn’t even know about this, thanks for sharing. I found MY city SPCA on there, hope you don’t mind that I voted for them.

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