Companies are figuring out how to profit from the war on women

First let me say this isn’t going to be a political post…I understand that we all have our own beliefs and that’s fine with me…no arguements from me (today, anyhow).  Now…I work for a large retail corporation…no names…but we do not sell medicine, health care supplies, medical supplies, or anything like that…

But I’m wondering if that’s about to change…we have a rep come in to handle the books and magazines every week.  When she opened the boxes the other day she was…oh, shall we say, surprised, to find this in one of the boxes of books…

new merchandise???

When she was talking to me about it, I didn’t really believe her…but…there you go…it’s the real deal! I emailed my district manager a picture and asked him if our company was trying to profit from the Republicans attempts to abolish free health screenings for women…and, if so, exactly what department are we going to market these in???  I don’t think he got it…but, he is a man…maybe it really takes a woman to fully comprehend how weird this is. So, what do you think?  Would you buy a do-it-yourself pap test?

5 Responses

  1. Hahaha well um I don’t think I would. Maybe in a real pinch?

    Even more odd that the do-it-yourself kits were shipped with media material.

    • Ooh Simone…was that “in a real pinch” tongue in cheek??? Yeah, I have absolutely no idea how those things ended up in the box from our book vendor…someone’s idea of a joke??? I knew, as soon as I saw them, that this was prime blog material…

  2. No thanks!

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