Trippin’ at WalMart

A picture of the inside of a remodeled Walmart...

A picture of the inside of a remodeled Walmart in Miami, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, allow me to say, I hate shopping at WalMart!  With a passion!  Yes, they have low prices…but that’s the only positive I see in shopping there.  Customer service is nonexistent.  Invariably, something that I want (or several things I want) are out of stock.  The stores are much too large for a quick trip…whatever I want is going to be in the far corner…always.  They have hundreds of check-out lanes and usually have only 2 or 3 open.  Long lines, long waits…

Having said all of that, I did make my once quarterly shopping trip to WalMart today.  I’ve been putting it off for something like two weeks now.  I’ve told myself I was too tired after work to face the mobs there.  On my days off, I’ve convinced myself that I will stop after work the next day, then, that day, I can’t make myself do it.  So, this morning, I got up, got ready and headed out the door before I could talk myself out of making the trip.

Were they busy?  Of course.  As busy as they would be this afternoon?  Probably not.   Surprisingly, I was unable to get only one item on my list (do I take a list?  You betcha!  I’m not walking up and down all of those aisles and buying more than I need) and I was able to pick it up at Kroger for just about the same price.

It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would.  And of the 3 check-out lanes open, the one I walked up to got me through pretty quickly.  Yes!!

But, let me ask you a question…do you think the people who shop at WalMart view that as the kind of store where you don’t really have to get dressed to go shopping?  I didn’t get all dolled up to go there, but I did throw on some clean clothes and a little make-up, styled my hair, you know, the basics.  Women there with rather large busts wearing skimpy little spaghetti strap tops (of course with their bellies showing), short shorts that were very tight and left nothing to the imagination.  One lady was wearing a t-shirt with food on it (actual food, not a picture of food)…and yes, Simone, the pajamas, always the pajamas…altho, I must say, I see this everywhere…I live in a major college town and this has become a common look.

Am I being too critical?  Maybe.  I’d love to have the body confidence to feel comfortable wearing things like that (well, maybe not the food on my shirt) in public…I try not to judge people by how they look, goodness knows, I’ve had those judgements made about me in the past.  And ultimately, I guess it’s no one else’s business how you dress.  But sometimes it is kind of funny!!


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  1. I’m delighted you did a Walmart post Patti! I note the Walmart in the pic looks brightly lit and clean. That is not our Walmart. There’s hardly a person under the age of 70 working there so I try to be nice and not yell at them to hurry the heck up. Besides, I like it our Walmart is putting our elderly back to work.

    Hee hee Walmart shopping getups. You’ve given me ideas for my next shopping trip! I’ll wear my 5 year old’s spagetti strap shirt (braless of course) and paste some of my son’s fake mustaches on my belly. Oooh the hairy belly lady at Walmart. BAHAHAHAHA

  2. I don’t go there any more than I have to. There are usually multiple trips across the store trying to locate things, and long lines at the few registers, as you stated. I prefer Target, and they’re building one 5-10 minutes away!
    Most people dress casually any more. I remember having to get dressed up as a kid, to go to the doctor. I carried that tradition on, until an orthopedic office told me to wear shorts since he’d be looking at my knee. My D.O. who does my trigger points suggested a tank top. Church used to be “best dressed.” Not so much, now.

    • Handy to have a Target so close…the one here in town is on the other side of town…which you have to drive around campus to get to…kind of inconvenient and time consuming!! Hey, I’m all about dressing casually…I kind of got over the dressed up thing for church a few years back when I heard some of the deacons talking bad about the preacher’s boys wearing jeans to church…my thought was, hey, they’re here…some of the few teenagers in church at the time…don’t think Jesus would care an awful lot about how we’re dressed…

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