I may have ghosts in my house…


Ghost (Photo credit: Pétur Gauti)

…seriously.  I go to work, come home and there are cabinet doors open.  The other day I came home and the closet door in my bedroom was standing wide open.  Another time the pantry door was open.  I guess I can’t really understand what these haunts are searching for and why do they have to open the doors anyhow?  Can’t they just somehow materialize on the other side of closed doors?  And what do they think I have that would be of any use to them?

Then there are the times I find socks on the kitchen floor when I know I left them in the clothes basket.  Once I found a necklace on the stairs.  Another time I found a plastic glass on the living room floor.  I know I’m not leaving this stuff lying around.  Crazy darn ghosts.

And the topper was coming home finding an entire roll of toilet paper unrolled in the downstairs bathroom.  Really, ghosts?  Are you bored?  Looking for something to do?  Getting your chuckles out of watching my reaction when I come home and see what you were up to today?  Can you go spook someone else?

Uhh…hmm…spook…that brings to mind another possibility here…yeah, maybe my assumption of having ghosts in the house was a little off base…oh, this is a little embarrasing…could just be a case of a little monster kitty…SPOOKY!!  What are you doing now???

Spooky...spooked..you better run, little missy...