What would you do with $640 Million?

Lottery Logo

Lottery Logo (Photo credit: Dj Linda Lovely)

For those of you who have been sleeping in a cave for the past several days, there’s a huge lottery jackpot up for grabs tonight!!  Did you buy your tickets?  I have to be honest here and tell you that I did not buy a ticket…I’m not much of a gambler…seriously, did you see the odds of winning?  Of course, someone will win (or several someones…or maybe no one will win tonight…yikes!!), so maybe I should have sprung a measly little dollar bill for a chance of a lifetime.

I like imagining what I’d do with all of that money…so tonight I started thinking about it…and you know what?  I couldn’t really come up with much that I’d jump right in and spend big bucks on.  I’d buy some land down home (in southern Indiana) and build a nice house with solar panels.  I’d need a pickup just because I’d be living out in the country and would need it to haul things in.  Hmm…what else?  Maybe that RV that I keep threatening to make my retirement home (if that day ever comes) so I could travel around and see the sights and visit the kids.  Then what?

Well, for sure I’d figure out some way to get IU basketball season tickets…I’m thinking all of those millions of dollars would go a long way in jumping me to the top of the waiting list…I’d go to every home game…heck, I could afford to go to every road game too, couldn’t I?  Go Hoosiers!!!

And then?  Well, heck…I just don’t know what else I’d do with that much money…donate a lot to my favorite charities, start a scholarship fund for students at my high school…maybe buy a new car for my boss…

And if I won tonight (assuming I’d purchased a ticket…haha), would I go to work tomorrow morning?  Well, I believe I would.  I think I wouldn’t really be able to believe I’d won the whole shebang until I showed up at the lottery headquarters and had everything verified.  Plus, I wouldn’t want Chris to have to come in on his weekend off…what would likely be his last weekend off for quite some time…because, yes, once I knew for sure that I’d won, I would definitely quit my job…I never believe people who say they wouldn’t.

So what are your plans for all of that loot?