Lazy days

I had the day off work today…slept in until 6 am!!  I was able to spend a little morning time online…well, after I fed Spooky, of course…she comes first (and believe me, she knows it).

Spooky striking a pose

After a while, I decided I needed to get ready and run a few errands before the storms hit…which they never did…I went to the gas station and spent more on gas than I spent on groceries for the week…crazy! When I got home, the mowing crew was out mowing in the complex…it needed it…don’t you think the smell of newly mown grass is one of the best scents of the spring and summer months?  I didn’t really do a lot at home today, just the basics…and I don’t care.  I needed a nice, peaceful day.  Work has been not so much fun lately.  We’re undergoing a lot of changes and some people are not handling it well…and their bad mood is contagious…have you ever noticed that?  Someone in a bad mood can bring everyone else down?  I’m trying my best to remain positive and cheerful…but they don’t make it easy.  But…I can’t allow how someone else reacts affect my behavior..have to keep reminding myself of that.  When we allow someone else’s bad attitude to change how we feel and behave, we give them the power to control us…and that’s not what I’m looking for in my life. How about you?  How do you handle negativity at work?  You can’t exactly cut those people out of your life since you work with them every day, right?

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  1. I have one co-worker who is usually able to change her point of view after we talk. She tends to see everything from a negative light whereas I’m pretty much the exact opposite. But once I start pointing out the positive to her she becomes more positive and happy. It is never a permanent fix but it works well enough.

    I have another co-worker though, who is a totally different story. She is mentally and emotionally draining to be around. I call her an emotional vampire. You ask her how her weekend was and she tells you nothing but how horrible her life is; how tired she is; how stressed out she is from planning her wedding and on and on. She never sees the bright side of anything, regardless of what any of the rest of us do or say. She’s a really sweet girl and I like her a lot, but unfortunately, because of her attitude I spend as little time around her as I possibly can.

    • I’ll have to try that with some of the people I work with…pointing out the positive. I did talk with one of the guys who has really been bringing me down…he said he was just worried about his job and so forth, that it didn’t have anything to do with me…I told him that it feels like it has something to do with me when I try to chat with him and he either grunts or snaps…so maybe just actually expressing how I’m feeling about it will help…time will tell…

  2. Bad moods are contagious! Hopefully good moods are, too. Yes, I agree with newly mown grass is a refreshing smell.

    • I really worked hard on maintaining a positive mood today at work…when I was around someone who wasn’t in a very good mood, I immediately reminded myself of all that is good in my life…it seemed to help…still had a headache when I left work, but that could have been the need for caffeine…lol

  3. Today was my lazy day. It’s either the weather or I’m just plumb wore out from diagramming sentences and conjugating verbs, idk…

    Know what you mean about grumpy people. I’m surrounded by them. That’s why I look at them, let my eyes go unfocused, and sing happy disco songs to myself all day long. Shindig! 😀

    • ooh…singing happy disco songs…i’m going there…if nothing else, it will irritate some people and that right there could improve my mood…you always have the best ideas about how to deal with difficult situations, Simone!!

      • What’s your happy disco song Patti? Are you young enough to remember “I was made for dancing” by Leif Garrett. It’s also the best roller skating song!

    • I do remember Leif Garrett…what a cutie!! I think there are really a lot of disco songs that I like…I’ll have to think about which ones make me smile…”I was made for dancing” reminded me of “I can’t dance”…gosh, I can’t even remember who sang it, but I always loved how he went from not being able to dance to suddenly realizing that, yes he can dance..I can dance!!

      • That was Genesis right? You can dance? Ok then, sing Safety Dance by Men w/o Hats at work. Tell your co-workers if they can’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine. Wait. We left the disco era much too soon.

      • I think we’ve moved on to the 80s…lots of dancing songs out there…I don’t know why everyone hates disco so much…altho I guess it’s kind of cool again…

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