Wacky Indiana weather

We’ve had crazy high temps for a couple of weeks then last night had a frost warning…didn’t materialize, thank goodness.  But we did have some weather excitement Friday night.

storm clouds moving in










Tornado sirens going off several times over the course of the evening…of course, silly me, I’m outside taking pictures…no tornado though.











The rain came pouring down and…what’s that?  A little hail?

hail in hand

And the hail kept coming down, harder and harder (I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this or not…but hail kind of stings when it hits you…I finally gave up and came inside)

The full impact (haha) of the hail storm became evident when I looked at this picture…

Isn’t mother nature amazing???

5 Responses

  1. Love that second pic “Downpour”! Keep that hail in Indiana okay? We don’t need that stuff here!

    • It was wild…honestly, I’ve never seen that much hail on the ground…and one of my friends who lives just a few miles away only had some wind and a little rain…oh well, it made for some good pictures!

  2. Crazy weather. Hail and frost on our green grass and blooms in March. This will probably be one of those years we have snow in April 🙂

  3. We had hail last summer. It was the weirdest feeling to find it covering the mulch in the flower bed..like, what is wrong with this picture? lol

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