Hard to believe it’s already the middle of May…

..oh wait, it isn’t, is it?  Here in central Indiana it sure feels like it.  I think it topped off at about 77 degrees today…sunny..a light breeze.  Very pleasant.  Of course I had to work all day (have tomorrow off tho and it’s supposed to be even nicer tomorrow…is that possible?).  Customers were coming in wearing shorts and flip flops…this is still March, right?

don't these make you smile?

4 Responses

  1. I think the leaves will be popped out on the trees around here way before the middle of April like they usually are. It’s going to be an early spring.

  2. Here too…I’m already seeing that fuzzy green in the undergrowth of the woods…just hope we don’t get a late freeze and set everything back…it’s supposed to be 80 here today!!

  3. We have had similar temps here, too. I had to dig out a pair of shorts and my sandals this week. Looks like it’s supposed to be the same next week. I hope we don’t pay the price for it coming so soon in the season. I really don’t want to see winter again.

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