It’s taxing

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

Yes, we all deal with it…I’m talking about the dreaded tax return. I had planned to finish mine tomorrow.  I already had all of the receipts, W2s, etc gathered in one place (I amaze myself with my organization these days…years ago I was so disorganized and a terrible procrastinator), so it would just be a matter of sitting down to complete everything.

I ended up finishing it all early this evening!!  How about them apples???

Years ago, when I had my own business, I waited until the end of each quarter to do anything with the paperwork…talk about creating stress for myself.  I’ve finally learned to file things as they come in and it certainly makes tax preparation so much easier.  Do I like doing it?  Heck no!  But we all have to do it…well, unless we want to end up spending time with some non-friends in a small prison cell…I’d just as soon avoid that if at all possible…

How about you?  Done with your taxes?  Thinking about it?  Not going to do it?