There’s a bad moon rising…

One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

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We’re right in the midst of a batch of tornadoes…somehow the terrible weather has kind of split when it came to our part of Indiana…some of the storms went north and some south.  The southern part of the state has been hit hard, several fatalities…lots of damage…I hate to see it.

We’ve been very fortunate in that all we’ve had all day was some rain and some wind…one of the guys I went to school with down in Mitchell is gathering supplies to take to one of the hard hit small towns tomorrow (if any of my friends from the area are interested in contributing, let me know…I’ll get you in touch with him).  I’m always touched by how normal, every-day people manage to jump right in when disaster strikes…providing food, water, clothes, really all of the necessities we need in situations like this.  People can be so good~


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  1. Was thinking about you today Patti when I heard the news about the weather out your way. It’s good to know you’re okay.

  2. My cousin’s daughter said the same thing, the storm had split around them. I think she said they’re in Bloomington. I can’t imagine living in an area with regular tornado activity. Glad to hear you’re ok.

  3. You’ve got relatives in Bloomington??? That’s where I live!

    • She’s going to college there, all I know is her name is Jennifer. My cousin and I had never been close, age differences mostly, then states apart. Getting to know each other via Facebook of all things!

  4. We live in middle Tn. and last night was quite unnerving with all the precautions you take when multiple cells and tornado warnings and touchdowns are in your “backyard” so to speak.

    We were fortunate that our neighborhood was missed and will do all we can to help out those in our area that weren’t so lucky.

    I’m grateful that you are alright and I had a moment of thankfulness that we were spared,

    One of the forecasters predicted a stormy spring and I so hope he is wrong!

    • I’m so glad to hear that you all were alright too…I’ve gone thru a few tornadoes that struck close to where I was, but have never actually been in one, other than when I was a little kid…but they’re so unpredictable…frightening…

  5. Glad you are ok. I hate that tornado season is early this year. That doesn’t bode well for so many. I suppose it is the price we pay for a mild winter. Pretty expensive.

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