Visit with my doctor

Blood pressure

Blood pressure (Photo credit: williamhartz)

Hmm…that almost makes it sound like we went out to lunch or something, doesn’t it?  Nothing quite that enjoyable, I’m afraid.  But don’t be concerned, it was nothing traumatic either.

I went in for a routine check up and to discuss the pain issues I’ve been having.  Surprisingly, my blood pressure was a little high…that doesn’t happen very often.  She did give me a prescription for a diuretic, with the explanation that women often have a slight rise in their blood pressure when they’ve been retaining water.  Okay, that I can accept.

Of course we discussed my weight.  I’d applied for a free program that my company was offering, but it was based on our biometric screening and my numbers on everything were I was turned down.  Her comment was that I “wasn’t sick enough”…I suppose that’s a positive thing, right?  Got to get back to my daily visits to…it works when I work it…just like most everything in life.

Then on to the pain issues.  There was nothing she could find wrong during the routine check up, but she has scheduled a couple of tests during the next two weeks…so maybe we’ll know more then.  Oh yeah, and I can’t forget that she’s scheduled a mammogram next week…yippee…not a lot in life that I enjoy more than a good mammogram…but it’s a necessary evil, so I’ll force myself to follow through with it.

I’ve only been seeing this doctor since last fall, but I really like her.  Unbelievably, she remembered things about my work schedule, the stresses in my life and my issues with food, weight and body image…so, I’ll see her again in a couple of weeks and we’ll go from there.  Until then, I’m trying to eat better and exercise more…solves a lot of problems when I do that…how about you?

10 Responses

  1. Sounds good, except for the mammogram part, ugh. And leprosy?

  2. I’m overdue for my mammogram too, and putting it off for no reason. I’ve just started back on exercise and healthy diet diligently and I feel so much better. Thank you for your support!

    • Well, go ahead and get that mammogram scheduled…you know it’s never as bad as we imagine it will be. Good job getting back with the healthy eating and exercise…it makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

  3. It’s a good sign that all your numbers are good! Too bad you can’t participate in your company plan, though. I’ve been working at eating light this past week since I haven’t been able to exercise with my back issues. Ugh. Did you have any effects in your area from the severe weather? It’s headed this way…

    • Thanks, Patti…I did a better job with my eating, all of the severe weather was south of us…the damage looks pretty devastating for the people impacted by it tho…hope it misses you.

  4. Glad to hear you like your dr and things, for the most part, are pretty good health wise. You should look in to an anti inflammatory diet – it may help with you mystery pain.

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