It’s Girl Scout cookie time

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Have any of your little girl scouts hit you up to buy a few boxes of cookies?  I’ve got a friend who has a grand-daughter who sells a ton of Girl Scout cookies…if you talked with this little girl for a few minutes you’d know why she’s so successful with her cookie selling…she’s one of the sweetest, most cheerful little girls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Well, I ordered a couple of boxes of cookies from Hannah a few weeks ago.  I’d kind of forgotten about doing that until I saw some girls had set up a table at Kroger to sell their cookies.  I wonder how they decide who gets to do that?  Surely they have lots of little girls (or their mothers) who would like to do that.  So how does the store manager say no to some of those cute little girls and yes to others?

Anyhow, I remembered that I had ordered some cookies…but now I can’t remember what kinds.  Surely I must have ordered Thin Mints…right?  Or what is that kind of peanut buttery cookie that I like?  Or did I order that new lemon cookie?  I guess this will be a very pleasant surprise when I get the cookies.

And someone told me that there were no calories, fat, or sugar in Girl Scout cookies, only lots of vitamins and good for you things…that’s right…right?


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  1. It certainly is GS cookie time. We saw them at a couple of places we went today. So far, we’ve resisted the temptation to buy those vitamin-filled no-cal cookies! lol Thin Mints are a favorite of ours.

    • If only they really were vitamin filled and zero calorie…a girl can dream, can’t she? Good job on resisting the temptation…but it is for a good cause…right? You can always use that if you end up buying some!

  2. The only thing free about them is the calories. Alas, trying to figure out what to do with all the ones I ordered before going gluten free!!

    • ooh…that’s tough…I’m sure there are shelters that would love to receive some cookies…and, of course, you could always send them to family and friends…

  3. Big OOPS!! What kind did you want? You know grandma is getting old and forgetful. I think I ordered but we have extras in case. My car is parked. Need new brakes. Let me know what kind again. I’ll get with you to let you know when I’m coming down. Thanks for the kind words. She is a great kid. You can just e-mail or give me a call.

  4. Girl scout cookies… Mmmmm


  5. Thin mints are delish and my husband brought a couple of boxes home from church. The girls had set up shop after the service–he had no other choice! ^◡^

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