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I imagine that most of us who have been blogging for a while have come across some replies to our posts that had us shaking our heads.  I had that happen this morning.  Several months ago, I posted about the stir that Kate Middleton created simply by wearing pantyhose…that apparently, while I wasn’t looking, pantyhose had gone out of fashion.

This morning I reread that post, thinking maybe I’d forgotten just what I’d written…the response from a reader today made me wonder if I’d unintentionally insulted women who wear pantyhose…but, after reading the original post, I still don’t see it that way.  I thought my post was poking fun at the fashionistas who were making such a fuss over Kate Middleton’s wearing of pantyhose, that she was somehow committing some kind of fashion faux pas.

This reader didn’t see it the same way tho…his/her comment was…

“If you don’t wear hose, whatever. If another woman does though, why do you dismiss her. Why do you care if she wears? Just like it isn’t her business why you don’t, why is it your business if she does? She’s no more out of date or fashion with her wear than you are with your daily yoga pants self.”

This still makes me smile…my “daily yoga pants self”…I’ve never actually worn yoga pants although they certainly look like they’d be comfy.  And I do find it kind of flattering that people are still reading posts published 5 months ago…At first, I wondered if my writing was unclear…I do tend to use humor and sarcasm and it’s not always easy to convey that in a blog post.  Then I just threw my hands in the air and went upstairs to take off my pantyhose and put on a pair of  yoga pants…


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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha…your daily yoga pants self. I wonder if it’s one of the Pants People who come to my blog about 16 times a day under the search “what are hammertime pants?” I don’t know about you, but I’m not complaining about this newly-found niche of mine. Me, a fashion expert. Who would have guessed?

    Sarcasm aside, I still think pantyhose should be outlawed.

    • Hammertime pants??? Do they still make those? Does anyone still wear them?I guess we’re just two fashion peas in a pod, Simone…as hard as that may be to believe!!

  2. What do you wear when it’s cold outside.? Bare legs….brrr…..

  3. LOL I cleaned out drawers earlier this week and threw away all the pantyhose that haven’t been worn in ages, and the spandex more than likely already left the building! I decided to try yoga pants, and found some in tall at Lands’ End. They are comfy!

    • Do they have those yoga pants in petites? I’d be walking on the legs of the tall ones. Why do we keep those pantyhose long after we should have thrown them out?

  4. What about skirts or dresses…yoga Pants??? I guess I’m showing my age and I used to love fashion. hmmm……….

    • If I’m going to wear a skirt or a dress, I’m definitely going to wear pantyhose…they make my legs look a little better…I am so NOT a fashion diva…

  5. Some people just have too much time of their legs – I mean their hands. I only wear stockings when I dress up in the winter, which is fairly rare. And I remember throwing away a drawer full of pantyhose a couple of years ago. I had enough of doing the “stocking dance” every morning to get them to align with me properly.

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