Feeling better…kinda…sorta

Tylenol and Advil + ExcedrinThe headache from yesterday has eased…finally.  I woke up this morning (after a very restless night) with a headache.  Once again, I took 2 Excedrin…but today, the Excedrin did the trick.  The headache vanished.  Just an observation…the weather today was sunny and cold as opposed to the past few days of wet, cloudy weather.  Does that have anything to do with my headaches?  Seriously, I think I need to start a headache log just to put my mind at ease (ha…).

I’ve had headaches my entire life.  Was in the hospital as a teen to have all sorts of tests run…came away with no known reason for the headaches…that’s good (you know, not a tumor or anything like that) and not so good (what’s behind the headaches?).  I’ve never had high blood pressure, so that wasn’t the cause.  It’s one of life’s mysteries…

So, do you think some kind of log would be beneficial?  Keep track of the weather, what I’ve eaten, stress levels, exercise…anything else that you could think of that might have an impact on my poor head (well, yeah, that lobotomy might get rid of the headaches, but don’t you think that’s just a tad drastic?)?  I’m open to suggestions, ideas, your stories…what do you say?

2 Responses

  1. Some of us will look for any reason to journal! (that’s my case, anyway). It couldn’t hurt to compare factors that may trigger them.

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