I have such a polite car

Kind of funny to say, but my car is exceedingly polite.  When I was letting it warm up this morning, it very politely told me that there could be icy conditions on the roads.  I could just hear that soft voice warning me about the possible ice…you know, “hello…I just want you to be aware of the possibility of ice on the roads this morning as you’re on your way to work.  Please drive carefully and have a good day.”

Okay, it didn’t really express it that way, but that’s how I imagine it talking.  Hmm…wonder why I never hear it talking to me in a deep man’s voice?  Something like…”Yo…black ice comin’ at ya, take a risk and go for a spin.”  Somehow that’s not all that comforting.

I wonder what it will say to me tomorrow?  And why does it never ask me why in the world I’m out so darn early in the morning?


4 Responses

  1. My brother had a car with a voice that would say things like, “Key is in the ignition,” if the door was opened. It wasn’t a warm, friendly voice, more robotic. lol, I’m surprised it doesn’t ask you why you’re up so early! Maybe Siri will ask that. She’s an app on my SIL’s phone.

    • That’s funny. I’m sure I wouldn’t have a good answer for her if she asked why i was up so early…does she understand about having to go to work? hmm..maybe she does…she takes me there every day.

  2. The car takes the mom role…always out to take care of you and keep you safe.

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