What in the world happened while I was working today?

Okay, granted I spent most of the day in the windowless stockroom, then in the windowless office, but was there some kind of wild event going on that I knew nothing about?  Should I have been checking in on Facebook throughout the day?  Going online to keep abreast of local happenings?

When I drove in to work this morning a little before 5 am, gas was $3.11 per gallon.  On the way home I noticed that it had shot up to $3.36 a gallon.  Did a pipeline burst somewhere?  Did someone blow up a refinery?  Oh wait, now I remember, it’s 3 days before a holiday…of course the price of gas is going to go up.  What was I thinking? 

Well, a few days ago I was thinking that this would happen and filled the tank up with that $3.11/gallon gas…ha, take that you blasted oil companies…can’t fool me!  Hmm…I could say that with meaning if I owned one of those cute little electric cars or a hybrid…maybe next time!

Merry Christmas, everyone…happy holidays…


2 Responses

  1. Wow, that is one major jump! Glad you were aware of the trend and got yours ahead of time.

    • I keep looking for it to come back down early next week after everyone goes back to work and school. fortunately i’ll be able to wait until then to fill up again.

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