The long and winding road to fitness, day 182

Wow…not a good day today as far as the food goes…exercise?  Yeah, quite a bit of exercise today, some strength training before work, a couple of hours of up and down the ladder early on, a lot of walking the rest of the day.  At least I have that going for me.

But my eating today…sheesh…I don’t even want to go into what I ate…not much that was good for me.  Only one fruit and one veggie for the day.  I didn’t do any meal or snack preparations for the day and my diet definitely showed it.  I’ve got to make the time to do some cooking.  I’ve just got the rest of this week to go and then my work schedule won’t be quite so crazy…at least we’re off that six-day work week now.  Still going in at 5 am just because we’re so busy…those four hours before we open are really the only time we can get anything done.

And then there’s the sleep thing…still not getting enough sleep.  I have the chance to sleep in a little tomorrow, looking forward to that.  But I’m really looking forward to that vacation in early January…time to cook, sleep, get back into a regular exercise routine…ahh…sounds divine, doesn’t it?

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  1. Is that your Christmas cactus? Pretty blossom. I don’t want to rush Christmas, but I’ll be glad when the tempting foods are gone. I need to get back to a regular sleep pattern, staying up too late, but still getting up (somewhat) early. Leslie Sansone has some new exercise dvds. I found our cable provider offers “Freezone” which has some exercise programs. I tried a couple new things today, but one knee and hip hurt when I got done. I don’t handle rapid, jerky movements well.

    • That is my Christmas cactus. I’ve had that thing for years. I don’t know how it’s survived. I forget to water it half the time. I finally think about it when the other plants are starting to wilt…maybe that’s the perfect watering schedule for a Christmas cactus, tho. Speaking of exercise videos, try out, they have a lot of free 10-15 minute videos and she even explains how you can alter them to accommodate various conditions…

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