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Okay, today’s post is going to be a little bit of a departure from my usual focus.  I’m basking in the glow of a huge victory for Indiana University basketball tonight.  The Hoosiers were able to knock off #1 Kentucky just down the road from my house tonight.  An unbelievably exciting game, kind of wish I could have been there.

I’ve been a Hoosiers basketball fan since I was a kid, back in the early Bob Knight years, through 3 national championships, through the firing of Knight and the promotion of Davis, Davis leaving and the hiring of Sampson (which, by the way, I thought was a huge mistake at the time and, unfortunately, was proven correct in that view) and the decimation that Sampson’s actions brought to a proud, tradition filled program.

When Tom Crean was hired as the head basketball coach, I had hope that he would be able to restore the program to its proper place in the basketball world.  The first couple of seasons were tough…I think most of us realized this would be a process that would take some time, but I’m not big on patience.  I continued supporting the team, watching the games (not enjoying most of them, actually felt like I was suffering through them), and hoping, hoping, hoping.

Well, tonight…tonight all of that waiting and suffering and hoping paid off.  A huge win over arch rival Kentucky shows that the boys are back.  I’ve always heard that Irish eyes are smiling, well, tonight it’s Hoosier eyes that are smiling…and I’m sure we’ll still be smiling in the morning.  I’m going to borrow something from my nephew…welcome back to the dance, Indiana!!







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  1. Yay for you, and your team!

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