Twas the month before Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas

and all through the store

The frenzied customers

continued shopping for more. 


While Chris and Patti

were working twelve hour days

running to and fro

in a sleep deprived haze.


The customers were fighting

over ornaments and toys.

Shoving, grabbing and pushing,

making a horrible noise.


Allen is shouting,

“I must finish this frame!”

While Greg, on the radio,

says “Let’s play a game.”


Patti pounds on the counter,

“We need saddles and cones.”

Kathleen rolls her eyes

and responds with a groan.


The cashiers, old and new,

are scanning fast as they can.

while cheerfully greeting

every woman and man.


The sales floor associates

are working hard every day

downstocking and flexing

with little  time to play.


The trees have all sold

and the stockroom is bare

Let’s condense and convert

let’s get gift giving out there.


When the final numbers come in

 we’ll see the gleam in Steve’s eye.

It’s then we can sit back

and relax with a sigh.


The season is over.

Put away that sleigh.

Oh no, now it’s time

for St Valentine’s Day.


4 Responses

  1. Haha, living holiday-to-holiday, I see!

  2. Whew, your poem gives full meaning to the phrase “no rest for the weary.”

    • ha! I was thinking that myself! and believe me, I’m getting pretty weary…but Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!! yikes! I’ve got to do some shopping!

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