The long and winding road to fitness, day 164

Ahh…you just gotta love the holiday spirit…most of the people I dealt with today were nice and cheerful…and then there were those few who were kind of grinchy.  I had a man come through my line at the registers (yes, I spent most of the day on register…again) muttering.  I heard him say something about Christmas.  Not knowing if he was actually talking to me, I asked him what he said.  “Oh nothing.  Just Christmas.  It’s like it brings out the idiots.”  Well, what can you say to that?  By the time we finished our transaction though, he seemed a little less frustrated with the idiots, he even told me to have a nice day.

A lot of people were buying flowers and things to decorate the graves of their loved ones.  That’s always kind of bittersweet.  You want to keep the memory alive and honor them, but it does remind you of how much you miss them.

And one lady came through my line, gave me her email address.  When I recognized her last name, I asked her if she knew (or was related to) the Wilton instructor we had who had died unexpectedly.  She said they weren’t related, but that she knew her through the home extension club they both belonged to.  We both got a little teary eyed talking about her.  Then the customer said something that I thought was so true.  She said, “It says something special about a person when people still remember them fondly seven years after they’ve died.”  Yes indeed it does.

I worked 11 hours again today, got in no exercise except the running around I did at work, but did a pretty good job with my eating.  Not quite enough fruits and veggies today, but at least no crazy food either. 

 And I did stop at Kroger on my way to work this morning…thank goodness.  There’s no way I could have stopped after work, that’s how tired I am right now.  I’m just hoping to sleep for a solid 7 hours tonight…please…looking forward to a bath and my nice comfy bed…so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Look closely, that sweet little girl is pulling the raffia off the tree…aww…isn’t she cute?  (little monster)


5 Responses

  1. Kitties seem to really love their Christmas decorations! Good for you on your calories today! I think mine were ok, got 30 minutes on the bike, too. I did have a chocolate attack, ugh.

  2. Haha! Too cute 🙂

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