The long and winding road to fitness, day 163

Sigh…shoulders slumped…I’m so tired after the day I’ve had today.  3:20 am came way too early, it was another wild and crazy day at work.  I worked 11 hours today and could have worked another 11 and not finished everything that needs to be done.  Well, I couldn’t really have worked another 11 hours.  I’m worn out, hurting, have a headache, and sleepy. Definitely planning to go to bed early tonight.  And we’re not going in until 6 tomorrow, so that’s going to kind of feel like sleeping in. 

I need to stop at Kroger tomorrow and am considering going in before work since I’m always too tired to go after work.  Plus tomorrow is Friday (I think), and you really don’t want to stop at the grocery store on a Friday after work.  Seems like everyone goes after work on Friday.  After being mobbed all day at work, I really don’t want to fight my way through crowds of people to pick up the few things I need.  You don’t have to worry about that in the early morning hours.   We’ll see…if I can get a decent night’s sleep tonight…

So, do you have your Christmas tree and other decorations up yet?  I remember, as a kid, having to wait until two Saturdays before Christmas to get our tree.  We lived way out in the middle of nowhere and cut our own tree.  I think Mom was kind of afraid of fire.  And when you think about how hot those old bulbs got, it was probably a pretty rational fear.  I think the modern lights are a little safer.  One of these days I may even spring for the LED lights…not this year, but maybe someday.

This little snowman is on my tree.  Believe it or not, I painted him.  I’m definitely not an artist, but I had fun doing it.

Can you tell I like bird houses?

…and birds?

This is the little squirrel ornament I bought the other day….made from a pinecone…what a cute idea…why can’t I think of things like that?

So, now I want to see your pictures…how are you going to decorate this year?


2 Responses

  1. I’m not much of a decorator any more. I used to pull out all the little knick knacks, then I gave them to my daughter! lol We still do a small tree, usually, fake–no real pine for hubby’s allergies; and I hang a wreath on the door. I like birds and birdhouses on the tree, too. And pine cones. I think I might have a critter made out of one. I’ll have to look. You did a nice job painting your snowman, that’s not something I would even attempt. We had to replace our flashing white lights last year, got the red/blue/green LEDs. They’re so bright on our little (4 ft) tree, you can’t see anything else when they’re on! How tall is your tree?

    • My tree is a little four foot Gatlinburg pine…I have a bigger tree too (as well as several other small trees), but I just don’t have the room (or desire) to put them all up any more. I have a lot of pieces for a lighted village, but I haven’t pulled it out in several years. I actually got rid of a lot of things that I knew I would never use any more, gave them away on freecycle.

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