The long and winding road to fitness, day 155

Oh my gosh, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven…slept in until 7 this morning…stop laughing…when you get used to that blasted alarm going off at 3:30 every morning, 7 seems like sleeping in.  It was so nice to be able to get up and prepare a leisurely breakfast, sit in front of the computer reading emails…ahh…

Then I decided I’d better get ready and go finish up the shopping for our buffet at work.  I was really dreading facing the crowds today, but I think I made it early enough to avoid the worst of it.  I’ve purchased 16 12-packs of soft drinks, 4 cases of bottled water, 1 12-pack of bottled tea, 6 giant bags of chips, 3 or 4 bags of candy, mixed nuts, cashews, trail mix, a barrel of cheese balls (the people I work with love those things), a couple of boxes of Ritz crackers, a box of Cheez Its, an assortment of snack cakes and snack crackers, a couple of big boxes of PopTarts, a huge jar of giant dill pickles (kind of a Thanksgiving tradition at our store), a jar of hamburger sliced dill pickles, cheese sauce, dip for chips, lots and lots of disposable plates and silverware as well as a big package of napkins, hot cocoa mix, some Christmas cookies…oh yeah, and a ham and a turkey.  I’ve got the ham baked, sliced and in the fridge ready to go.  The turkey is in the oven for another hour or so.  Then I still need to prepare my world-famous cauliflower salad (hmm…could be a blog in that one…)  and maybe some pumpkin fluff…need to find the recipe for that one though.  I think we’ll be okay with the food and I still have money left over…that’s why they send me shopping, well…that and the fact that no one else wants to do it.

Thanksgiving dinner 2010

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After reading that list, it kind of reminded me to be thankful for all that we have.  There are so many people who struggle to put food on the table and I’m trying to figure out how to spend all of the money they gave us.  We’re very fortunate.  I guess it’s time for me to pull myself up out of my anger and sadness about having to work on what I consider to be a holiday to spend with family and friends…time to focus on all of the blessings in my life and put that negativity behind me.  I genuinely like the people I work with, so spending a holiday with them isn’t all bad.  Would I rather be with my family and friends?  You bet.  But being with the people I work with is good too.  And, since there isn’t a lot I can do about it short of quitting my job (and I’ve gotten kind of dependent on that pay check), just go with the flow, make the best of the situation and know that I will get Christmas Eve and Christmas off because I’m working on Thanksgiving.  Not a bad deal…

Feeling kind of guilty this morning.

I haven’t been the best of kitty moms lately.  Oh, don’t get me wrong…Spooky still gets good food, fresh water, treats, and clean litter, but she’s not getting the attention she’s become accustomed to.  She’s used to spending quality time cuddling with me, playing fetch with her little toy mice, and getting her hair brushed.  I’ve been so busy with work lately that I haven’t had the time to love on her.

As I was getting ready to open the front door this morning (at about 4:15 am…boo), Spook jumped up on the couch and kept butting her head against my hand, obviously wanting a little attention.  I gave her a couple of pats and then told her I had to go or I was going to be late (oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t talk to your pets).  So I turned out the light, walked out the door and locked it.  I glanced up at the living room window from inside my car and what do you think I saw?  Little Spooky looking out, watching me leave her again.  I could just hear her little Spooky voice saying, “Don’t leave me, you just got home.” 

Maybe I’m a goof ball, but all day long,  I thought about her looking out the window watching me drive away.  Poor little lonely kitty.  At least we sat down and cuddled for a while this evening.  I’m hoping I have a little time to sit down with her on my lap tomorrow since I don’t have to go to work.  I’ve got to do some cooking for the banquet at work, do a little more shopping and maybe a little house cleaning, but I think I can carve out some time for Spook.  I’m sure she’ll be appreciative.

The long and winding road to fitness, day 153

Indiana Hoosiers men's soccer

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I almost wimped out on blogging tonight.  I’m plumb tuckered out (as my grandma used to say)….worked 11 1/2 hours today…going in at 4:30 tomorrow morning.    But I was checking out Facebook and noticed that IU was playing tonight, so turned on the game and figured I might as well write during half time.  Go Hoosiers!!

Today was not a good eating day at all.  Oj and vitamins for breakfast at home, heated up a Lean Pocket a few hours later at work.  Lunch was a burger and fries (I know, I know…I could have just gone with the burger…that wouldn’t have been too bad) from Steak and Shake….I had a couple of small sugar cookies at work and 3 cashews, dinner was a roast beef sandwich on grilled french bread…as you can see, not a lot of veggies today…oh wait…I meant to say no veggies today.  Sheesh…what’s up with that?

Exercise?  Some range of motion exercises for my extremely sore shoulder then a ton of ladder climbing and walking around at work.  I’m exhausted.  Am seriously planning to go to bed very, very soon.  I think the Hoosiers can win without me…

Kitty costumes…

Nope, not a cat costume for Halloween, but the clothes some of us crazy humans force our poor, unsuspecting cats to wear for our enjoyment (you know it’s not for their enjoyment…they hate it…with a passion)

Unhappy St Paddy’s day kitty…

Miserable Spooky in her Halloween dress…what was I thinking allowing her to have her picture taken wearing a dress that short?

“What is she doing to me?  I am NOT a freaking reindeer…”

The Christmas season is upon us…kind of…

Christmas Music

Image by Chiot's Run via Flickr

I noticed they played Christmas music all day at work today (we don’t control the music in the stores), thought that was a little odd.  I don’t have anything against Christmas music, I actually like it, but I like it interspersed among other songs.  If they start playing only Christmas music this early, I’ll be sick of it by Christmas.  Oh well…that’s retail for you.

We went in at 5 this morning to try to get  a little done before we opened.  I think we accomplished a lot, but once we opened, things went crazy.  Of course customers were outside the doors waiting to get in.  Then the guy running the front end ran into the office and told me that the registers were frozen.  I tried to work my magic, but I must have used up all of my magical powers with that audit yesterday.  So (as much as I hated to), I had to call the help desk in India…good times there.  So I spent an hour on the phone…the work phone, my cell phone, just about any phone you could think of…trying to get the system up and running.  The registers would run for a little while, then freeze up again.  Meanwhile, I’m following instructions from a guy I could hardly understand.  He was telling me to unplug this, plug this in, move this, go here, go there…I really, really liked this aspect of my job a lot more when the help desk was in Texas.

Anyhow, finally got the registers running.  While I was doing all of that, the district manager came in.  He’s a pretty good guy, so I don’t really get all that stressed when he visits. We talked for a while, then he had a conference call he had to take part in.  I figured that was the perfect time to make my exit and start doing the deposit. 

I finally went to the bank and then over to Kroger to get some of that soda they have on sale.  We have a certain amount of money that our corporate offices gave us to spend for our store’s Thanksgiving buffet.  We stretch that money by also having a pitch-in where people bring a dish or two from home to share with everyone else.  I think I’ll do the bulk of the shopping for the buffet on Monday.  Then I’ll bake the ham and turkey on my day off (Wednesday) and take that in with me when I go in on Thursday (yes, I have to work on Thanksgiving, thank you very much).

We were busy all day at the store.  I hear about how terrible the economy is, but that doesn’t seem to prevent people from spending a lot of money.  We’re already out of some of the big outdoor decor items. It seems like people are going all out with the decorating this season.  Fine by me, the more we sell, the less we have left over to deal with at the end of the season.  Makes my job easier (and my bonus bigger).

Now to get my chores done here at home so I can go to bed and get up and do it all again…without the register malfunction, I hope.

The long and winding road to fitness, day 150


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I guess this is another milestone of sorts.  150 days on this journey…not bad.  I feel like I’m reestablishing some good habits…exercise every day, if only for 10 or 15 minutes, eating more fruits and veggies, eating a bit healthier…so I think I’ll be in good shape going through the holidays…able to resist most of the temptations and continue to work on my fitness.

I did some walking and core exercises before work today.  Ate a Healthy Choice meal for lunch, at around 3 pm…oh, did I forget to mention that the auditor showed up at our store today?  How could that have slipped my mind?  Of course, my boss was freaking out.  I always try to remain calm (doesn’t always work, but that’s the intent anyhow).  I was able to fix the issues with the electronic I9s before she got there so we got those points. 

We did really well.  Ended with a score of 90.48 which tied the best in the district!~  And the points we missed were two things that were easily corrected and something we’ll never miss again.  I felt kind of bad for one of the department managers, he said he’d spend all weekend thinking about the one point that was in his department.  I told him that this was a learning experience for him and that I bet he’d never allow that mistake to happen again.  Granted, I might not have been quite so understanding had we not passed!  But I do look at this as an opportunity to see where we are and what we need to work on, and it’s a good thing for a relatively new department manager to experience.

So anyhow, I was in the office with the auditor.  She had finished the audit and was getting ready to email the results to us so we could print them out.  Chris wasn’t aware of the results at this time.  The auditor looked at me and asked if he’d been driving me crazy worrying about the audit.  Then she said she thought it would be funny if I acted like we hadn’t done well.  Of course, me being the joker that I am, I had to agree with that.  So I got on the radio headset and acted all serious, told Chris that Sherry was in the office and…”uh, we need you to come in here.  We’ve got some issues we need to talk about.”  He came running in to the office and asked if we’d failed.  I told him the copy was on the printer.  He pulled it off and read it.  Then said I’d just about given him a heart attack.  “Do you want to feel my heart?  Do you want to feel my heart?”, he kept asking that as he held his hand over his heart.  That might have been kind of mean on my part, but it was also pretty funny…

The long and winding road to fitness, day 149

Kent Benson of the 1976 NCAA Championship team...

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Right now all I want to do is go soak in a hot tub and go to bed.  What a crazy, hectic, stressful, exhausting day this was.  Ahh…tis the season!!  A funny thing happened today though.  I was in the stockroom sorting repacks (freezing, by the way…wouldn’t you think they’d spring for some heat in that stock room?)  when some guy stepped through the door (the door that clearly has a sign that says “employees only”, and asked me if I worked here.  I felt like smacking my head and saying, “duh”…but I didn’t…I simply told him that I do indeed work at the store.  He then asked me if I knew how much “that is” and points up toward the ceiling.  Well, I had no idea what he was talking about, so walked out of the stockroom to try to figure out what he needed.  He wanted to know how much a floor plant was but then quickly told me he wasn’t going to buy it…oookay…so I moved a bunch of stuff around so I could get a ladder in there to tell him how much a plant that he wasn’t going to buy would cost…hmm…if you’re not going to buy it I guess it won’t cost you anything, will it?

My day was so crazy that I didn’t eat the lunch I brought to work…I didn’t eat lunch at all…so I ended up with only two fruits and a veggie for the day.  Darn it!!  I even left my lunch bag in the fridge, so I guess I can eat that yummy salad tomorrow.

I did do about 10 minutes of strength training before I left the house this morning.  Of course a lot of walking and lifting and throwing things and screaming (oh wait, make that silent screaming…no one heard me screaming, it was all in my head…no, no, not voices in my head, just that silent screaming to relieve some of that stress). 

I have to admit I was more than thrilled to get out of there today.  My body hurts and I’m tired…what’s that?  I think my bed is calling my name even though it is only about 6:30.

Oh, and I must mention this…go Hoosiers!!  The boys are coming together, looking vastly improved, the basketball world will be in proper alignment once again!