Christmas decorations…what were they thinking?

When I got home from a long, exhausting day at work yesterday, my neighbor greeted me out on the sidewalk.  She wanted to know if I cared if she decorated the porch and the bushes…we share a covered porch with bushes on both sides.  Maybe I was just too tired to be making such momentous decisions, but I told her to go ahead and decorate, it would be fine with me.

My decorating style is more woodland, with berries, birds, rusted ornaments…all of that kind of decor.  I just find it to be visually appealing and restful. Well, imagine my surprise when I walked out my door early this morning to go to work and saw this…

Luckily, I was half asleep and it was still dark, but I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures when I got home this afternoon.  Isn’t that something?

When I was telling one of my friends about this, she told me she drove by a house that had pink flamingoes lining their driveway, some standing, some toppled…wow…I want to see a picture of that one.

How about you?  Is your decorating style more traditional, whimsical, woodsy, or trendy?