The Christmas season is upon us…kind of…

Christmas Music

Image by Chiot's Run via Flickr

I noticed they played Christmas music all day at work today (we don’t control the music in the stores), thought that was a little odd.  I don’t have anything against Christmas music, I actually like it, but I like it interspersed among other songs.  If they start playing only Christmas music this early, I’ll be sick of it by Christmas.  Oh well…that’s retail for you.

We went in at 5 this morning to try to get  a little done before we opened.  I think we accomplished a lot, but once we opened, things went crazy.  Of course customers were outside the doors waiting to get in.  Then the guy running the front end ran into the office and told me that the registers were frozen.  I tried to work my magic, but I must have used up all of my magical powers with that audit yesterday.  So (as much as I hated to), I had to call the help desk in India…good times there.  So I spent an hour on the phone…the work phone, my cell phone, just about any phone you could think of…trying to get the system up and running.  The registers would run for a little while, then freeze up again.  Meanwhile, I’m following instructions from a guy I could hardly understand.  He was telling me to unplug this, plug this in, move this, go here, go there…I really, really liked this aspect of my job a lot more when the help desk was in Texas.

Anyhow, finally got the registers running.  While I was doing all of that, the district manager came in.  He’s a pretty good guy, so I don’t really get all that stressed when he visits. We talked for a while, then he had a conference call he had to take part in.  I figured that was the perfect time to make my exit and start doing the deposit. 

I finally went to the bank and then over to Kroger to get some of that soda they have on sale.  We have a certain amount of money that our corporate offices gave us to spend for our store’s Thanksgiving buffet.  We stretch that money by also having a pitch-in where people bring a dish or two from home to share with everyone else.  I think I’ll do the bulk of the shopping for the buffet on Monday.  Then I’ll bake the ham and turkey on my day off (Wednesday) and take that in with me when I go in on Thursday (yes, I have to work on Thanksgiving, thank you very much).

We were busy all day at the store.  I hear about how terrible the economy is, but that doesn’t seem to prevent people from spending a lot of money.  We’re already out of some of the big outdoor decor items. It seems like people are going all out with the decorating this season.  Fine by me, the more we sell, the less we have left over to deal with at the end of the season.  Makes my job easier (and my bonus bigger).

Now to get my chores done here at home so I can go to bed and get up and do it all again…without the register malfunction, I hope.