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It completely amazes me how many people are doing all  (or most) of their Christmas shopping early this year.  And it’s not just toys or art supplies.  A lot of people are buying a lot of decor items, rethinking their decorating style, and spending a lot of money.  I’m not sure about doing that myself…well, that’s if I actually decorated for Christmas which I don’t do much of at home any more…but I have a lot of ornaments that my mom and step dad made for me, I have ornaments that one of my best friends (who has since died) made for me, I have some that one of my aunts made for me, some that various family and friends have given me.  I kind of like the memories that those ornaments are wrapped in…just seeing them again brings back such loving feelings.  I can’t imagine that new ornaments would bring back the same memories.  Of course, we all create new memories every year, but I don’t want to replace my pleasant old memories.  I simply want to add new ones.

I’ve made a lot of ornaments over the years, just not in the past few years.  One of these days…What about you?  What are your favorite Christmas ornaments and do they have precious memories associated with them?

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  1. My mom had some lovely old ornaments. I don’t know who ended up with all of them. I do have a few special ones I’ve been given over the years; but I haven’t been decorating the house much, so last year I cleaned out the “Christmas closet” and took a lot of it to our daughter.

    • And I bet your daughter appreciated them, right? I always bought all of my nieces and nephews ornaments every year when they were kids. I never knew whether or not they appreciated them until my step sister told me her oldest son asked her to send them (or bring them) out to them the first Christmas after he got married. I always thought I was kind of creating memories with the yearly ornaments, but you never know…

  2. Glad to find your blog! I absolutely look forward to getting out the Christmas ornaments, and last year, even took pictures of them. It is like greeting old friends. Many were wedding gifts, which makes them extra special. I don’t think I could ever buy an entirely new set of Christmas decorations all at once.

    • It always amazes me that some people buy completely new ornaments every year. I guess they like to change their theme from year to year. I just like all of the memories that my ornaments hold.

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