The long and winding road to fitness, day 144

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Mercy, what an exhausting day.  It started when I woke up, looked at my clock to see how much longer I could sleep and then realized I’d forgotten to set the alarm clock.  Great.  I hate rushing around in the morning.  I made it to work by 5..barely.  Luckily we had some oj at work so I at least was able to have that and a lean pocket breakfast thing for breakfast.   It’s pretty handy to have a few things in the freezer at work.  Not that I would recommend breakfast at work every day, but it’s nice that it’s there on the days I need it.

So no exercise for me today other than the miles spent walking at the store all day.  Holy moly, we were swamped from the opening bell.  Which is why we have to go in so early…otherwise we can’t get any work done at all.  Now if only we had enough people to schedule an early morning crew to come in and help us.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

My eating was alright.  I ended up with five fruits and veggies which is my minimum goal for each day.  Ideally I should eat more than that, but it’ll come…once my schedule kind of gets back to normal. 

Funny thought about the normal schedule…I was just thinking that I need to get back to writing two blogs a day.  Then looked at what I posted last November and December and decided to cut myself a little slack…one a day during this busy time is pretty good.  And this will just give me a lot more to write about once the holiday season is over.

A lot of people were out Christmas shopping today…have you thought about what you want for Christmas?