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I had an interesting experience today.  I visited one of the local Boys and Girls Clubs here in Bloomington.  I have always heard how they benefit kids, but I’ve never actually set foot in one.  That all changed today.

Our company collected school supplies from our customers and associates during the month of October.  I finally managed to get the several boxes of school supplies delivered today.

While there, I met the director and got a short tour of the facility.  I don’t know what my preconceptions of the Boys and Girls Clubs were, but I was impressed with all they had to offer the kids in our community.  Chris, the director, told me they have about 500 kids that utilize this club, with two other clubs in the city.  They offer tutoring, a computer lab, a gym, a game room, a library…really an amazing asset to our city’s kids.

I promised the director that I would let people know they were conducting a Thanksgiving food drive through next Monday (11/14)…I’m going to take a few things there to donate.

And I realized we often have things clearance out that these kids could use.  So you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out for some donation deals.  Have you ever been involved with the Boys and Girls Club in your area?


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  1. I had to look it up, didn’t know what was available in our area. No, haven’t been involved with them, but it sounds like a good program.

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