The long and winding road to fitness, day 134

olive garden salad dregs

Image by scaredy_kat via Flickr

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you’ve been busy all day and have nothing to show for it?  That was my day today.  Go, go, go…and get absolutely nothing done.  But, such is life in the retail industry at times.  Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more productive…

I did upper body strength training and walked for 20 minutes this morning.  One of these days I’ll get back to working out for an hour or so a day, but that day probably won’t be here until after the holiday season.  We start our six-day work weeks in another week, so this is my last weekend off…boo!!  I do well to keep the house clean during that time of the year.

I did a good job with my eating today.  Twice avoided fast food and stuck with my plan.  I ate six fruits and veggies over the course of the day.  I feel pretty darn good about that.  Aiming to repeat tomorrow.  Had a V8 at lunch (low sodium) along with this chicken broccoli thing and half of a roasted squash.  That’s the most veggies I’ve had at lunch in quite some time. 

I need to do some cooking this weekend, haven’t sat down and planned anything yet, but I want something that is healthy, has loads of veggies and is easy to take to work.  I’ve been thinking about a pot of veggie soup and salad for lunch next week (I’ve noticed I tend to try to make healthier versions of some of my favorite restaurant meals…you know, Olive Garden soup and salad).

Definitely early to bed for me tonight.  3:30 will be here much too soon…sweet dreams to all!!


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  1. Funny, I’m getting ready for bed, and you’ll be up in little over an hour. I got a 60 minute workout in today, between two writing sessions. Salad for dinner, a BIG salad, also had a couple small clementines (itty bitty ones!), and some trail mix throughout the day. I do the same thing, try to make a low-cal version of my favorite foods. Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much. I love veggie soup, need to make some soon.

    • I was looking at the ad for Aldi this evening and saw that they had some good produce prices, thought I might run out that way after work tomorrow and pick up some produce. I like to make those big salads too. And, since I’m trying to eat more veggies, that would be perfect.

  2. I’ve been having a lot of those ‘go, go, go and get nothing done’ days lately! Luckily the past few days have been the opposite. 🙂 Maybe it will extend to this weekend and cleaning my house 🙂

    • ooh…cleaning house…I spent some time doing that today, start my six day work weeks tomorrow so I wanted to at least have my house clean to start…probably won’t stay that way long, but at least it’s clean now!

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