The long and winding road to fitness, day 133

I had a much-needed and well deserved day off work today.  I slept in…until 6 am, if you can believe that!  Then I just stayed in bed reading until closer to 7 am.  Finally got up and fed the cats, made toast and juice, took that upstairs and read Sunday’s newspaper while eating breakfast.  What a pleasure to be able to take my time getting ready for the day.

I did walk for 20 minutes.  I went to a little park in the neighborhood.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived here for ten years and have never stopped  at that park.  I’m definitely going to go back, with camera in hand.  There was a lady playing with two large dogs in a field, nice walking trails, playground equipment, tennis courts, picnic tables, shelter houses.  I had no idea that the park was so nice.  So that was a fun experience.

I also did some lower body strength training and range of motion exercises for my shoulder.  I was surprised that my shoulder wasn’t bothering me more today.  I did a lot of heavy lifting over the past couple of days at work…and the boxes are often too big for me to comfortably wrap my arms around (yes, that’s because I’m short…not much I can do about that).  But my shoulder didn’t feel any worse today than it does any other day.

I eventually went out to the gas station to spend way too much money on gas.  How is it that gas prices can jump over 25 cents in one day?  Oh, I don’t think you want me to get started on my answer to that question.  I also ran into CVS to pick up a couple of things that were on sale…

With coupons added to the sale prices and a $2 ECB, I ended up spending less than $1 for these items.  Don’t you love saving money on things you use anyhow?

I did finally bake the squash I bought a few weeks ago.

I also cleaned and baked the squash seeds…

Makes for a quick, easy, salt-free treat.  Have you ever roasted pumpkin or squash seeds?  What seasonings do you use?  I used a little olive oil and garlic powder for these.  I also like Cajun seasoning.  Okay, now I’m off to eat some squash for my dinner.  Hey, how about that…that’s a vegetable…or is it a fruit?  Well, no matter, at least it’s healthier than fast food, right?

6 Responses

  1. I use cinnamon and a little oil on my pumpkin seeds every year. Also, a little sea salt. To die for!

  2. ooh…that sounds really delish! I’ll try that next time.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever roasted my own pumpkin seeds, and never even thought about squash seeds. Your squash (acorn?) looks good, I haven’t made that in a long time. I do like saving money on things I normally buy! That’s a drastic gas increase. Ours doesn’t usually do that all in one jump. Glad you enjoyed your day off. The most exercise I got today was writing, and I don’t think that amounts to many calories burned. I had a Dr.appt. this afternoon, church small group this evening, a busy day; but I kept my calories in line, about 30 over the goal. And I hadn’t gained on his scale, so I must have gotten rid of my vacation souvenir pounds! WooHoo

    • yea!! no weight gain on the doctor’s scale…that’s always a good feeling. Yes, one of the squash (what’s the plural of squash, squash? or squashes?) that I baked was an acorn squash. Not sure what the other one was, I bought it at the farmers market and forgot to ask what kind it was. But they were both tasty. I took half of the smaller one (the non acorn squash) to work and had it at lunch along with this chicken broccoli thing and some v8….so some veggies there!!

  4. I am going to make a squash soup this week/weekend. I never thought of roasting the seeds!

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