Happy Halloween…want some candy?

Have you seen the little ghosts, goblins and assorted monsters running around the neighborhood tonight?  I’ve seen lots of those,  but I also saw some teenagers dressed up as, well, I don’t know what…maybe ladies of the evening would be the way to describe it.  Yikes.  My mom would never have allowed me out of the house looking like that, even if it was only a costume.  Come to think of it, I wonder if it was a costume…could it have been her every day attire?  I’m kidding, I’m kidding…I’m pretty sure it was a costume.

Spooky decided to get dressed up one last time this holiday season.

What a little trickster…looks like she’s had one too many Killians, doesn’t it?

We had dress up day again at work.  I work with some imaginative people…

Well okay, Brenda doesn’t look all that thrilled to have her picture taken, but she’s a hoot!

one good thing about a fake moustache…you can take it off when you eat lunch…

Is that Princess Leia?  No, it’s Princess Aleah.

I ate a few Tootsie rolls today, but kept it under control.  How about you?



22 Responses

  1. No candy for me today. I didn’t buy any, we live on a very busy road, and are probably wearing candy from previous years that we “had” to eat. We meet somewhere for dinner now, and tonight we also ran errands and picked up a few groocery items.

    • I like that…going out for dinner on Halloween…were the restaurants not as busy as usual?

      • None of the stores we visited were busy, more like a ghost town. Oh, it was Halloween, after all. Oh me. Hubby says he’ll make it a point to shop Sam’s on Oct. 31 every year! lol I imagine the malls were busy, the stores usually have an employee in front passing out candy to a line that probably encircles the interior of the mall.

      • ooh…a ghost town…I get it!!

  2. We did get the candy and it wasn’t my favorite. It was a hit with the children in the neighborhood. When we ran out–the porch light was turned off and I have to say that it was a good day. No candy for me!

    I’m so proud of myself for over the weekend…I ate homemade mac n cheese and dressing made by an in-law who cooks like Paula Dean!
    I’m not going to weigh this week. 🙂

    Take care and I continue to read your daily posts.

  3. I was going as the lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_B1LlYh6iKqs/TCG_5KtEA_I/AAAAAAAACJo/zHrMBR8y6SU/s1600/billie-joe-armstrong.jpg) but then I got my hair cut short and forgot I needed it long. So I did something real simple and just wore my regular clothes with a sign saying “Nudist on Strike.” ;D

    • funny!! I hope you had a great time!!

      • We did…*ahem*. 😉

      • Good for you…I won’t ask what you did, but I’m glad you had fun!!

      • We drove a car into a tree…haha just kidding. Nothing devious…THIS time.

      • you’re so bad…

      • You have no idea…and it’ll stay that way. ;D

      • …well, I guess that depends on how much you end up divulging in your blog, doesn’t it?

      • Aye, but don’t be expecting none of THAt on the blog ha!

      • Oh, I have my expectations, laddy…what is this? Aye? Laddy? Have we suddenly been transported to Ireland…not that I would object to that…seriously…I’ve already told my company I’m ready to move there as soon as they expand into that market…I’ve been practicing my American Irish accent…aye, laddy…that I ‘ave.

      • ahaha, I’ve Irish blood in me, lass. No, but I have a ton of english friends, and skyping them constantly is making me pick up their slang haha.

      • One of these days I’m going to make it to Ireland…I really do have Irish blood in me, laddy…I enjoy the English slang…makes for interesting reading..

      • You think goin’ to England makes ya and Irishman, now do ya? I’ll tell ya something here, lass, it’s not like that. Cheeky of ya to think that, yeah. No, it’s bloody more difficult. Ya got to be a born here, grow up, know the dialect and tha language, mate. It ain’t that bloody simple.


      • Right you are, laddy…I have me some ancestors from the auld land and I want to go back thar to rediscover me roots, don’tcha see? Maybe sit in a pub, sharin’ a brew or two with the fine Irish folk, listenin’ to the tales of yore. England? I’m talkin’ Ireland, boyo…you may not believe it, but they be two entirely different places…ask anyone from Ireland and they’ll be more’n happy to set ya straight.

      • Settin straight ain’t something, I need now. Get bent, blighter, we don’t need the likes of ya here. We got whats we need and it’s plenty well and good. We know the difference between us and them across the hills, the question remains though, d’ya?


      • Oh, indeed I do, boyo. Ireland is the land of me foin gran’mother, don’t ya know? And it’s glad I am that ya understand the difference between the English and the Irish. When I go to Ireland, it’s home I’ll be goin’ an I don’t want to hear any diff’rent from ya today nor tomorra.

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