The long and winding road to fitness, day 128

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Wow!!  What a wild day.  Nasty weather, temps dropping, rain and mist all day, windy…brr…definitely not a good hair day…ha!!  And believe me, I sprayed on extra hair spray this morning before I left the house…all to no avail…when you’re outside in this stuff unloading a truck (really, there has to be a better way to do these trucks, if only I could get those bigwigs to listen to me)  there’s no point in worrying about how your hair looks.  And now there’s a frost advisory for tonight…there go my little volunteer grape tomatoes…

Oh my gosh, I just read a blog about one of the healthiest sounding chili recipes…Nikkianne posted this blog and I’m determined to make this recipe for chili…just the way she made it.  I’ve been wanting to make a pot of chili for a while and keep putting it off.  No more…this will be the one.

My eating was pretty good today.  I was tempted to go out to eat lunch even tho I’d brought my healthy lunch from home.  I think, more than anything, I just wanted to get out of the building and away from people for a while.  But I went back to the break room and nuked my lunch and was satisfied.  Ended the day with five fruits and veggies, so that’s decent.

Other than working the truck and doing some range of motion exercises for my shoulder, I didn’t do any exercise.  Of course, working that truck is constant motion for over eight hours.  And I’ll be right back at it at five tomorrow morning…trying to get some extra work done…ho ho ho, I love Christmas so much!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I don’t have to buy a lot, but I have already purchased a few things.  Should probably get with that so I’m not doing it any closer to Christmas, you know, going into stores and stuff…I shudder at the thought!


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  1. You’ll have to let us know how that chili turns out. It sounds like tomorrow is going to be a good soup day here. (And leftovers for the weekend!) The wind has definitely increased.
    My husband used to take his lunch, but now he goes out so he can get a break. He’s trying to make healthier choices than he used to. I didn’t get much exercise today aside from walking in the mall and trying on clothes. That can be a workout sometimes! I was still waiting for the “held” mail to be delivered–not sure it would fit in the box. The garden center delivered & planted our tree today; then I had an afternoon appointment w/the eye doctor. The scale said I was two pounds lighter, so I’m guessing part of it was water weight. It’s still never as easy to get it off as to put it on!

    • It really wasn’t terribly cold here today. In the 50s, no frost this morning so that’s a good thing. It’s coming tho, I know it. Glad you were able to drop those two pounds so quickly, sounds like it really was just the added sodium causing you to retain some water. But you’re right, it’s much easier to gain it than to lose it…life is kind on unfair that way.

  2. Thanks for linking to moi. You’re too sweet!

    I also decided to eat my healthy lunch (chili!) instead of eating out. Go us!

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