The long and winding road to fitness, day 127

This is Sam's Halloween costume.

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So are you ready for Halloween?  I finally did something about some Halloween costumes for my three-day work weekend…we’re dressing up each day and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes…because, well, really, how often do you wear them? So I found a cute little feathery witch hat on a headband, figured I’d wear that with black pants and a black shirt, some black nail polish, some dark eye make up (I never wear dark eye make up, it doesn’t look good on me) and red lipstick…ooh…scary!!  I figure that costume will be good for Saturday and Monday.  Then I bought a scrub top at Goodwill today that I can wear Sunday with a white lab coat from my college days…hmm…Dr Patti…now that’s really scary!!  At least I finally did something about the whole Halloween costume thing without spending a lot of money.

Wish I could say I did a good job with my eating today, but I didn’t.  Only 1 fruit and 1 veggie for the day.  See, that’s what happens when I don’t plan my menu for the day.  I’ve got tomorrow’s lunch and snacks prepared, so I know tomorrow will be better.

I did walk for 30 minutes and did some range of motion exercises.  That’s about it.  Well, I did take a nap this afternoon for about an hour.  That was nice, really nice.  I have to get up around 3:30 in the morning as we have another early morning truck…unfortunately I think it’ll be raining in the morning…and much colder than this morning.  Oh well, we’ll get through it, might have soggy socks for part of the day, but we’ll make it.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? 



8 Responses

  1. I am supposed to be going to a Halloween party but I don’t have a costume yet!

  2. If you hadn’t come up with your costumes, maybe you could have borrowed the dog’s pink outfit! lol That colder weather is headed here this weekend. I found the tiniest clementines at the grocery store today, and honey crisp apples are back. I came back from vacation with four extra pounds. Blah. I took good stuff to eat, but hubby wanted to eat out. (Which I didn’t mind, but now paying the price). Is it really possible to gain that much in a little over a week? Probably got a lot of sodium, I hope it’s mostly water! What are the chances?

    • ooh…clementines…yum! I’ll have to look for some next time I’m at the grocery store. Vacations can definitely pack on the pounds, but you’ll take them off in no time now that you’re home and eating a healthy diet again. I don’t know about gaining the four pounds in a week, I know i’ve done it, but you’re probably right, a lot of it is probably from eating more sodium than you’re used to.

  3. I am going as Alice from Alice in Wonderland; my husband is the Mad Hatter (we’re creating his costume from scratch! It’s going to be AMAZING!) and my cat? She’s of course the Cheshire Cat! 🙂
    Pictures coming in a few days! 🙂

    • That’s going to be great. I ssume the party is at your home…since you mentioned your cat…not taking the critter out trick or treating are you? My cat would freak if I did that with her! Anyhow, I can’t wait to see the pictures. I just finished charging the battery for my camera so I can take it to work in the morning.

  4. Your furbaby looks super cute!

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