Cheerleader discrimination

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Okay, I was at work today, another busy day, as usual.  A teenage girl comes up to me wanting to know if we have any more solid blue gift bags, she needed 20 something and we only had nine.  I asked if she could use another color.  She said the only other color she could use was white and we didn’t have any of those the size she needed.  Before I could go find more, she asked, “Do you call this a craft store?”  I was a little taken aback by her attitude and the question. 

Then her mother walked around the corner and asked her if we had any more.  When she said we didn’t, her mother looked at me and asked, “Do you consider this a real craft store?  You don’t have anything we need.”  I told her I was just about to go and see if I could find some white bags for them.  I walked over to another area where we had the same gift bags and got down all she needed. 

Then the mother (instead of saying, “hey, thanks for finding the bags my daughter needed”) asked  me why we didn’t carry cheerleader merchandise.  I told her we didn’t really have any control, at the store level, about what merchandise we carried, that it’s a big corporation and they decide what to market at the national level. 

 Evidently the mother had one more zinger in her arsenal.  She looked at me and asked, with a straight face, if I didn’t consider that to be a form of discrimination. I’m afraid my mouth must have just hung open for a few minutes.  Discrimination?  Seriously?  Against cheerleaders?  Wow, I guess if that’s the worst thing they ever experience in life, they’ve got it pretty good.

But I thanked them for visiting and wished them luck with finding the cheerleading supplies they needed to complete their project.  Of course, in my mind, I was thinking something totally different, but I doubt if they figured that out.  I was kind of thinking that a lot of the stereotypes about cheerleaders must be stereotypes for a reason…and that they both personified that cheerleader stereotype…


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  1. Those are the kind of interactions that make you go, “Huh”. I’m all for school spirit, sports, etc. but when schools have to limit bus transportation, eliminate computer classes, let teachers go due to funding, then where are our priorities? The teachers have larger classes with the same amount of hours to teach kids alot more. No wonder the percentage of high school graduates is lower in some areas. Kids are so stressed out. What happened to learning being fun?

    • I don’t know, Margaret…I guess it kind of goes along with our politicians demonizing public school teachers, like they make some outrageous salaries…crazy! I don’t think this girl and her mom were any too worried about school tho, just cheerleading.

  2. You are super graceful. I would have told them to go fly a kite 😉

    • well, yeah, not that I didn’t want to tell them to go fly a kite (or worse), but I just have to bite my tongue sometimes…you know, that whole pesky customer service thing…

  3. Yes, if you want to still have your job tomorrow, you have to hold your tongue. I’m sorry you had to put up with that display, obviously the young lady has picked that up somewhere…so sad.

    • Well, from the way her mom was acting, I’m pretty sure where the girl got her attitude and sense of entitlement…too bad, when parents raise their kids like that no one wants to be around them.

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