The long and winding road to fitness, day 114

A day off work, how pleasant.  I slept in until, oh I don’t know, a few minutes after 6.  Got up, fed the cats, made breakfast for myself, then got online for a bit.  Am I the only person who can’t keep up on her emails?  Where do they all come from?  Of course, I delete the ones telling me that I’ve been selected to help the person in Nigeria with their inheritance, or the ones that offer me too good to be true money-making opportunities, or the credit card offers, etc, etc…But I still end up with an awful lot of emails to try to go through every day.  Oh well…stop complaining, right?

I did some shopping this morning, went to CVS, Goodwill, and Wal Mart.  What fun!  I did find the cutest little long sleeve t-shirt at Goodwill (along with a lot of books).  The shirt is perfect for fall since it has little fall leaves all over it.  Wal Mart was Wal Mart…you know how that goes.  I did find a cute little loaf of multigrain bread in their bakery…

The package says it’s the perfect size for two people.  Well, it’s just me here, but I’m sure it’ll last a few days.

This was tonight’s dinner, two slices of that yummy bread with some pumpkin butter.  Do you find yourself wanting pumpkin everything at this time of the year?

I found this pumpkin pie spice creamer at Wal Mart too.  I’ve got tea in the fridge.  All I need to do in the morning is add some creamer to it and I’ve got myself a tasty pumpkin pie spice chai latte to take to work.  Mine will be just as good as the one you can get at Starbucks, but it’ll be a lot less expensive.

I walked for 30 minutes today, did strength training, range of motion exercises and stretches.  Not bad.  I also cleaned my patio garden up.  That was a chore, but now it looks like it’s ready for winter…and you know that’ll be here one of these old days.

Oh, speaking of old…when I was at Goodwill today, there was a new guy training on register.  When I went to check out, he informed me that today was the day for the senior citizen’s discount.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite old enough to qualify for that.  The girl who was training him apologized and said they had to tell everyone about that.  And she said she hoped I wasn’t offended.  Heck no, I wasn’t offended, I just wish I qualified for that darn discount!!  But it did explain why there were so many old folks there today.

If you’ve ever been asked about whether or not you’d like your senior citizen’s discount, did it bother you?