The long and winding road to fitness, day 109

National Lampoon's Class Reunion

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Ahh…the work day is done, the weekend has begun!!  As you probably guessed, I have the weekend off and I’m pretty excited about it!  Don’t really have a lot of plans, but I don’t intend to go in to work and that’s good enough for me!

I worked all day today, but didn’t feel all that good.  At one point during the day, I thought about just going home, but I stuck it out and managed to get quite a bit of necessary work done.  I had a lot of really nice customers in the store today, cute  happy babies, people trying on little Halloween accessories and taking their pictures (who would have thought, 20 years ago, that you’d be able to take pictures with a phone?  Technology is an awesome thing), people just generally feeling good and being cheerful…that’s what I like, makes my day much better~~

I had Cheerios and a banana for breakfast again today.  (Have you noticed that I kind of get stuck eating the same thing for several days in a row?) Lunch was a Lean Cuisine that I won’t be buying again…some kind of chicken, veggies and noodles in peanut sauce…not very good…ended up throwing most of it away.  I drank my V8 fusion with my lunch, so got a serving of veggies and one of fruit there.   I did eat this cute Little Debbie pumpkin snack thing…not bad.  I also had yogurt with cherries and granola for a snack this afternoon, that was pretty darn good!!  Dinner was some bread sticks (that I made) and some lite Ranch dressing…not bad, probably should have had some soup with the breadsticks…think that’s what I’ll be cooking this weekend…maybe minestrone, with kale?!  Hmm…farmers market, here I come.

Exercise was strength training and range of motion exercises and some stretching.  Walked for only 20 minutes, I still was feeling the effects from yesterday’s truck.  I think I’ll do some walking tomorrow and maybe get some good pictures.  I noticed how pretty the leaves were tonight when I was coming home from work.  I just love fall.  And right now we don’t have to have the heat or air conditioning on…pleasant…and frugal!!

I saw an old school friend in the store today…that’s one of the things that’s pretty cool about my job…I manage to see people who I may not have seen for a long time, get to chat a bit and catch up on what’s happening in their lives.  I really should go to my next class reunion.  Can you believe I’ve never gone to one?  What’s up with that?  I just never really had the desire to go, but now I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind it…we’ll see…

What about you?  Have you attended a class reunion?  How was it?


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  1. Oh yes I went to my 20 yr. reunion some time ago and I learned quickly that our high school environment was made up of cliques and
    although I was friendly with other classmates–most of the time I was with my clan.

    To get to the essence of this experience–my former clan arrived quite late to the reunion for they went to a concert featuring one of our favorite teen artists who was on a reunion tour. Given that I moved south and lost contact for years with most of them–they all remained in our hometown and had worked this out. I left the reunion after a some cordial chitchat and socialized with my cousins for the remainder of the evening.

    Got a call from one of the clan the next day (a relative told her where I was staying) and she chastised me for leaving early and indicated that the others were disappointed that I didn’t stay longer. I heard later that they went to the lounge area after the official ending of the reunion– danced and caught up with everyone’s business but mine. She filled me in on who died or was sick or not doing well. Once that news was imparted I guess the ones who were doing just fine kept quiet. I suppose they didn’t want to come off as bragging.

    Sent in my reservations and money for my 40th reunion a few years ago and became ill and couldn’t attend. Received e-mails from those in attendance who saw my name tag and wondered what happened.
    There were several more deaths that had occurred during the interim and some of them were present at the 20th reunion.

    I guess my point is, please go to the next reunion, hug, laugh and catch up on what’s been happening with your high school friends or acquaintances for we do eventually leave for good and take our memories with us.

    I’ll stop now for the tears are forming. Gee, I’m getting real sentimental as I’m enjoying the late fall season of my life. ᵔ.ᵔ

  2. aww…what wise advice, thanks. I think I’ll be going to my next reunion, whenever that may be…I’d have to stop and take the time to add, subtract, whatever the years to figure out how long I’ve even been out of school..ha!!

  3. I’ve never gone back home for any of my class reunions. Doubt I ever will. If you go, I hope you’ll share our experience.

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