The long and winding road to fitness, day 107

Tired…so very tired…and I have to be at work at 5 am tomorrow…blah!  This was just another crazy day at work, busy, lots to do and just way too busy to get it all done.  Oh well…you just do the best you can, right?

 Today for lunch, I had one of the best Lean Cuisines I’ve ever had.  It was a tortilla crusted fish with some kind of rice.  Usually I think most of them taste just about the same, but this one topped the taste charts.  I’ll definitely buy this one again.  I ate a couple more veggies than I’ve been eating and my usual perfectly fine intake of fruit…why is it that fruit tastes so much better than most veggies?  And you know, it’s not like I really hate most veggies, there are just a lot of things I happen to like better.  Of course I know there aren’t a lot of things that are healthier for me than veggies…guess it’s time to act like an adult and do what’s good for me…but I like being a kid…waaaaaaaa!!

I did strength training and range of motion exercises before work, walked 30 minutes and went crazy with the walking at work…seriously, I’ve got  to dig out those pedometers to see how far I’m really walking at work.  Great motivation too, kind of get that competitive spirit going.

Do you compete against yourself with your exercise or in another area of your life?

Poor little tired Spooky.  Kind of looks like she’s  ready for a camping trip, doesn’t it?