Dancing like a star

Dancing with the stars at Mood Indigo'09

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As I’m watching Dancing With The Stars (yes, Chris, instead of the Cowboys), it brings back some feel good memories of how good dancing makes me feel.  I’ve been struggling with my weight loss efforts and I just realized I need to do something that brings joy to my life, a smile to my face and a little more grace to my step.  Dancing fits the bill.

I’m going to get some dancing in at least three days a week, work on getting in better shape, and then start taking some dance classes after the first of the year.  Now, before you all start in with me, wondering why I don’t just start the dance lessons right now…time, work, time…this isn’t the time of year for me to be starting anything that’s going to require a big time committment.  But getting involved in some dance classes is stepping out of my comfort zone…and I need that! So…New Year’s resolution #1:  dance lessons…

6 Responses

  1. Dance lessons is an excellent idea! I hope that’s one resolution you keep. What do you mean, you didn’t watch the Cowboys? lol I was a captive audience. Go Broncos.

  2. I may join you in this resolution. I miss dancing. 30 years ago, that was my entire identity. I just wasn’t good enough to turn professional, but I still loved it.

  3. Dance lessons is a great idea. I take them for fun. It feels so wonderfully good to me. Even if I never perform again, it’s still such a great feeling. And even though I take classes, I still dance around my apartment. I turn up the iPod and go to town. It’s such a fun way to get a sweat going!

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